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Restaurants hold a special place in the Big K story and operation. After all, our journey started in 1964 with our founder’s London restaurant. In fact, we have over 40 years’ experience working within the restaurant industry and cooking over charcoal and fire. We understand the challenges you face, the performance you want and the quality you need to create every taste and texture. You could say Big K is the go to expert.

We value the potential and power of partnership, so we love helping all types of restaurants across the country – from mobile catering units and independent kebab shops, to grill houses and Michelin-starred fine dining establishments. We can help you create the perfect flavour profile by offering the finest quality woods and charcoals to further enhance your menu.

We also know that service is integral to running your restaurant. You need what you need, when you need it – no exceptions. That’s why we take great care to provide unmatched customer service and multiple delivery options for increased flexibility. We want your Big K experience to be as seamless as possible.

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Customisation is king. That’s why the Big K range of restaurant grade charcoal and wood is specifically tailored for professional kitchens. It provides the best possible combination of quality and performance, delivering long lasting heat and vibrat flavours for your menus. With a wide range of charcoals suitable for specific tastes and cuisines, it’s easy to find the perfect charcoal to compliment your culinary vision and offering.

True quality comes from consistency. We’re constantly testing all of our charcoal to ensure the perfect cook, every time. Our robust and modern manufacturing processes produce dependable, reliable charcoal and wood products that don’t change from batch to batch, meaning you can focus on creating the perfect dish, rather than worry about whether your charcoal is up to the task.

If your restaurant is cooking over wood and fire then Big K is your perfect partner. For wood burning pizza ovens we have an extensive range of wood products, including Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs using finest quality British Beech and Ash, and compressed sawdust Forno logs providing long lasting consistent heat. All these products can be easily stored and handled. Our British Kiln Dried Oak is ideal for smokers or for open grilling producing long lasting heat and flavour.

We believe in sourcing our product sustainably wherever possible. 100% of our wood is grown in Britain and sustainably and ethically sourced. Find out more about our sustainability journey here.

Try Big K restaurant grade charcoal for your business

If you are embarking on a new project, our experienced sales team can provide onsite consultations to discuss your requirements and assess your situation. Then we can advise you on the appropriate fuel type to meet your goals. We are professionals with a vast knowledge of the industry and we want to share our expertise with you – including everything from the appropriate type of commercial kitchen equipment using charcoal or wood, to fuel related flavour profiles. We are here to help make any project on any scale a success.

100% natural Marabu lumpwood charcoal
Cooking time: Up to 3 hours
Ready to cook: Within 30 minutes
Bag size: 15kg

El Cubano is a very popular general-purpose restaurant lumpwood charcoal. It’s quick to light, with up to 3 hours cooking time, so you’ll enjoy a consistently hot burn during long service periods. With its dependable performance and low smoke produced, El Cubano is the ideal choice for restaurants, and it’s even suitable for Shisha and Hookah pipes. Plus, it’s sourced sustainably from an invasive thorn tree, so it’s better for the environment.

100% natural White Quebracho lumpwood charcoal
Cooking time: Over 3 hours
Ready to cook: Within 30 minutes
Bag size: 15kg

Dura is our longest burning restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal, making it perfect for cooking during long service periods. Dura delivers over 3 hours of cooking time, and it burns to a white ash, producing a dependable, consistently high heat and burning to a white ash. Dura is our only restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal that’s authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas, as it burns with no smoke.

100% natural Kachi stick charcoal
Cooking time: Up to 2 hours
Ready to cook: Within 25 minutes
Bag size: 15kg

Flama is our Kachi stick charcoal, designed for Robata and similar styles of direct grilling. This hardwood stick charcoal is quick to light, with a 2 hour cooking time, providing reliable and consistent heat. Plus, the charcoal doesn’t spit, making it safer and easier to use.

100% natural lumpwood charcoal
Cooking time: Up to 2 hours
Ready to cook: Within 30 minutes
Bag size: 12kg

Chilla-Grilla is our only FSC certified restaurant grade lumpwood. If you’re looking for a high quality restaurant charcoal with the ethical production certification to match, Chilla-Grilla is the charcoal for your restaurant. This incredibly versatile lumpwood delivers up to 2 hours of cooking time, complimenting a wide range of different cuisines and culinary styles.

100% natural compressed briquette charcoal
Cooking time: Over 3 hours
Ready to cook: Within 45 minutes
Bag size: 10kg

Au Natural is Big K’s restaurant grade compressed briquette. It’s made from 100% natural wood waste with no binders, so there’s no nasty chemicals. It’s ultra long lasting giving over 3 hours cooking time, so it is very popular with restaurants that have long service periods. The moulded hexagonal tubes are easy to manage, and a central air hole increases airflow delivering an even burn over your grill. Plus, it’s authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas. Au Natural is ready to cook on within 45 minutes, and it’s often used with Chilla-Grilla or another lumpwood as a lighting aid.

100% natural compressed sawdust pizza oven logs
Bag size: Pack of 12 logs

Our Forno pizza logs are specially designed to be used in restaurant pizza ovens. They’re long lasting and ultra consistent, perfect for keeping your pizza oven going through a full evening service. These logs are manufactured from dried saw dust, and achieve an extremely low moisture content of under 5%.

Bag size: 1kg, 10 cases

Big K’s Shisha Cubes are made from 100% natural coconut shells. With a neutral, natural smell and taste, these cubes are the perfect charcoal for shisha bars across the country. They’re easy to light and long lasting, as well as being extremely consistent.

Bag size: 10kg

Big K’s LG01 Seasoned Hardwood Logs are FSC certified and made from 100% grown in the UK mixed hardwood. With a consistent moisture level of under 30%, they deliver high heat output and are long lasting. They’re a great choice for restaurants using pizza ovens and wood burning stoves across the UK.

Bag size: Not sold by weight, approx. 16x26x60cm bag

Big K’s LG01KD Kiln Dried Logs are the perfect choice for pizza ovens and wood burning stoves, with an ultra-efficient consistent moisture level of under 20%, so they deliver maximum heat output. Plus, these logs are Woodsure accredited and FSC certified, so you know they’re sustainably sourced and made from 100% grown in the UK hardwood.

Bag size: approx. 250kg

Our LG01KD Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs are now available in a handy builders bag. Order our Woodsure accredited and FSC certified hardwood logs in bulk and save. With a consistent moisture level of under 20%, these logs are an extremely popular choice for pizza ovens and wood burning stoves.

Bag size: approx. 8kg

Our LGPOAK Seasoned British Oak is an extremely versatile fuel, ideal for using in pizza ovens and wood burning stoves. These logs are sustainably sourced from 100% British oak, and impart an aromatic smoky flavour when used in pizza ovens. When used for smoking, they create an intense smoky flavour that can really elevate the taste of your dishes.

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