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Fire up the flavour

For us, everything starts with charcoal. It is the fuel that sparks the texture and taste of your food.
So it's important to choose high quality charcoal that you can trust.

We’re proud of our range of high quality charcoal, and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made towards more sustainable products, from our new coconut shell briquettes to FSC®-certified lumpwood products. Find out more about our range of cooking and heating products below.

Best selling products
  • apple wood lumpwood charcoal



    • Experience grilling on this truly unique and exclusive artisan charcoal
    • Quick & easy to light
    • Burns with red hot glow
    • Medium/Quick burn time
    • Adds a natural, subtle smoky wood fruit flavour.
    • 100% natural





    • 4x1kg bags of FSC certified instant light lumpwood charcoal
    • Ready to cook in just 15-20 minutes
    • No need for starting fuels
    • Up to 1 hour cooking time
    • Clean and easy to use, packed in 1kg dust proof bags
    • Simply light the bag



  • Charcoal burns brightly at the base of a charcoal barbecue.



    • High quality briquette produced from waste coconut shell
    • Great performance with up to 3 hours cooking time
    • Super quick and easy to light
    • Low smoke, low odour
    • High heat output
    • Timber free product made from sustainable sources



  • Dura



    • 100% natural White Quebracho restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
    • Long lasting, with a cooking time of over 3 hours
    • Authorised for use in smoke control areas, burns with no smoke
    • Ready to cook within 30 minutes
    • Easy to light and burns to a white ash for a consistent high heat output
    • Suitable for all types of home and professional barbecuing



Product Spotlight


    • Low Smoke
    • Low Odour
    • Easy to Light
    • High Heat
    • Clean Burning





    • A delicious blend of spices
    • Compliments your vegetables and meats
    • Great for barbecue, roasting, basting, stir fries and more
    • Locally produced in Norfolk
    • Blended by hand, made with love



  • Sale!



    £44.97 £35.97
    • 3 great books from Theo Michaels
    • Share, Rustica, Orexi
    • Save 20%





    • Premium foldable charcoal barbecue that folds up to only 3 cm thickness for easy transport and storage.
    • Extra Large Grilling Surface, over 1360 cm square which amounts to over 12 burgers at the same time!
    • Velcro travel bag included to ensure cleanliness in transport.
    • STURDY & THICK premium 0.8 MM carbon steel, heat resistant up to 600 ̊ C (1112 ̊F). Beware of cheaper models…This grill is built for heat!
    • CLEVERLY DESIGNED for EASY 3 step setup: 1. Unfold; 2. Lock side panels and install lower grill; 3. Place upper grill on top.
    • NEW FOR 2020: Side panel locking system to eliminate warping, lower grill support ledges, pinless upper grill for an optimal fit.
    • Use GRILL LIFTER INCLUDED for EASY access to the coals.
    • EASY TRANSPORT and storage with the INCLUDED Velcro TRAVEL BAG. Simply slip the folded grill into the travel bag to ensure cleanliness after each use. This innovative compact grill is the travellers’ best grillin’ buddy.



Explore our range of products

Quality matters

At Big K, we’ve spent 40 years perfecting our products, working with restaurants, avid foodies, and casual BBQers to create the charcoal to make your BBQ special. And, our rigorous quality checks mean that you can always rely on Big K quality, giving you peace of mind. Take risks with your food – not your charcoal.

The spice of life
They say variety is the spice of life and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we offer all kinds of charcoal to suit all kinds of people. From the seasoned BBQ pros looking for new inspiration to the occasional sunny Sunday sizzlers, we’ve got the perfect charcoal for you. Try our new Coconut Shell Briquette, or get flavour perfection with our Marabu lumpwood, El Cubano.
Experiment with our recipes

Break free from burgers and sausages and wow your friends with our range of exciting barbecue recipes.