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  • £17.99
    • 100% natural restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
    • Ideal for home BBQers looking for superior grilling
    • Up to 2 hours cooking time
    • Easy to light and ready to cook within 30 minutes
    • High heat output
    • Sourced sustainably from an invasive bush in Namibia
  • Dura
    • 100% natural White Quebracho restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
    • Long lasting, with a cooking time of over 3 hours
    • Authorised for use in smoke control areas, burns with no smoke
    • Ready to cook within 30 minutes
    • Easy to light and burns to a white ash for a consistent high heat output
    • Suitable for all types of home and professional barbecuing
  • El Cubano (RCH15)
    • 100% natural Marabu restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
    • Ready to cook within 30 minutes
    • Up to 3 hours cooking time, perfect for restaurants or large events
    • High heat output with low smoke produced
    • Sustainably and ethically sourced from an invasive thorn tree
    • Also suitable for Shisha and Hookah pipes
  • Flama
    • 100% natural Kachi stick restaurant grade charcoal
    • Consistently sized sticks give dependable performance
    • 2 hour cooking time
    • Quick and easy to light, ready to cook within 25 minutes
    • High heat output with no spitting
    • Ideal for Robata grilling
  • Sale!
    £60.44 £48.00

    Our gourmet Marabu charcoal is the star of this pack, made from invader bush all the way from Cuba. Combine it with our compressed applewood…

  • £6.49£11.99
    • 100% natural lumpwood charcoal
    • Up to 90 minute cooking time
    • Quick to light, ready to cook within 30 minutes
    • Burns cleanly with no additives
    • Packed in waterproof bags
    • Ideal for home BBQs
  • £8.99
    • Premium grade 100% natural FSC certified lumpwood charcoal
    • Used in restaurants, graded for large pieces to ensure consistent high heat
    • 90 minute burn time
    • Quick to light, ready to cook within 30 minutes
    • Burns cleanly with no additives
    • Ideal for home BBQs
  • Sale!
    £47.32 £37.50

    Looking for a great way to level up your grill game? Try this combination of high-quality lumpwood charcoal and coconut shell briquettes, in handy 5kg…

  • Sale!
    £54.44 £43.00

    Follow in the footsteps of some of the UK’s leading chefs and barbecue on our seriously good 12kg Chilla-Grilla Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal and our…

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