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Salt Crusted Sea Bream and Caramelised Pineapple with Cream, by Theo Michaels

salt crusted sea bream and caramelised pineapple
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Using Big K’s large disposable BBQ means you can cook more than just bangers and burgers; this is a deceptively easy but utterly delicious meal cooked in about 20 minutes. Check out Theo's video for the whole guide.

Yields1 Serving
Prep Time20 minsCook Time20 minsTotal Time40 mins
 4 sea bream
 500 g coarse sea salt
 Splash of olive oil
 1 lemon
 1 pineapple
 200 g demerara sugar
 500 ml double cream

Light the disposable barbecue and leave the to coals to burn until ashen and all the flames have died down. This should be about 15 minutes.


Pour the salt into a zip lock bag. Splash a little olive oil over the fish ensuring they are fully coated, not a lot, just enough to wet the skin. Drop the fish into the ziplock bag with the salt and shake about until the fish are fully coated in the salt.

sea bream in ziplock bag of salt


Place the salt covered fish onto the bbq and don’t touch it for about 7-8 minutes or until charred and then do the same for the other side then remove. To serve, cut into the skin along the top of the fish and peel back the salted skin to reveal the flesh; you don’t eat the skin, just serve with a squeeze of lemon and some fresh bread.

cooked sea bream


Top and tail the pineapple and slice into 1 inch discs. Turn upright and cut a cross lengthways into the pineapple to create four wedges out of each disc.

slice the pineapple


Dust in the sugar and then place on the bbq, again for about 8 minutes before turning over to caramelise the other side. Serve with lashings of cream.

caremelised pineapple