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Chipotle and Bourbon Pork Ribs with Salted Sweet Potato, by Theo Michaels

st louis style chipotle and bourbon bbq ribs

These delicious chunky slow cooked pork ribs fall off the bone and are covered in a rich and tasty chipotle bourbon marinade which goes perfectly with the jacket sweet potatoes.

Yields4 Servings
Prep Time1 hrCook Time2 hrs 30 minsTotal Time3 hrs 30 mins
 8 St Louis style pork ribs (skin removed)
BBQ Sauce:
 4 tbsp chipotle paste
 80 ml olive oil
 4 tbsp ketchup
 1 tbsp soy sauce
 1 tbsp vinegar
 60 ml bourbon
 1 tbsp honey
 1 pinch salt
 1 pinch oregano
 1 pinch smoked paprika
Sweet Potatoes
 4 sweet potatoes
 8 tbsp creme fraiche
 Few chives for garnish
 Drizzle olive oil

Mix all the marinade ingredients together and pour two thirds over the ribs ensuring they are fully coated and reserving a third of the marinade to use later (that hasn’t been in any contact with the raw meat).

marinade pork ribs


Fire up your Big K Coco Shell Briquettes, enough to fill two small roasting trays. Ignite and leave to burn until glowing red. If using a BBQ starter, pour into the two trivets on either side of the BBQ or simply push the coals to two sides of the BBQ. Close the lid leaving bottom vents open and top vents ajar and wait for the temperature to reach 180c.

glowing red cocoshell briquettes


Wipe the sweet potatoes with olive oil and salt generously, reserve.

salt your sweet potatoes


Once the BBQ is up to temperature, line the sweet potatoes down the middle of the charcoal (on the same level).

sweet potatoes placed in bbq


Place the cooking grill on top and lay the pork ribs in a line above the sweet potatoes (so not directly over the coal).

bbq ribs placed on grill


Close the lid and leave to roast for 2.5 hours. Aim for an internal temperature of around 180c. Don’t open the lid during cooking! You can adjust the temperature by closing the top vents to stop the temperature from rising or opening both top and bottom to increase the temperature.

closed bbq lid showing temperature gauge


Once the time is up, carefully remove the ribs as they’ll be falling off the bone! Place on a serving dish, drizzle over the remaining marinade. Cut into the sweet potatoes (they will be very hot!) drop a dollop of crème fraiche into each one and garnish with chopped chives.

finished bbq st louis ribs