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Professional Charcoal - RCH12FSC®


RCH12FSC® is our only FSC® certified restaurant grade lumpwood. If you’re looking for a high quality restaurant charcoal with the ethical production certification to match, RCH12FSC® is the charcoal for your restaurant. This incredibly versatile lumpwood delivers up to 2 hours of cooking time, complimenting a wide range of different cuisines and culinary styles.

  • 100% natural restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
  • Ideal for home BBQers looking for superior grilling
  • Up to 2 hours cooking time
  • Easy to light and ready to cook within 30 minutes
  • High heat output
  • Sourced sustainably from an invasive bush in Namibia

Looking to up your BBQ game? RCH12FSC® is the perfect charcoal for keen home BBQers who want to take their grilling to the next level.

RCH12FSC® is easy to light and ready to cook on within 30 minutes, while also delivering up to 2 hours of cooking time — more than enough to cook for the whole family.

With a high heat output, RCH12FSC® is incredibly versatile. It’s ideal for use on a huge range of barbecues and in a wide variety of grilling methods. Best of all, it’s a 100% natural FSC® certified lumpwood charcoal with no added chemicals, giving your food a natural smoky flavour.

New skills, new thrills – show your friends and family who’s the BBQ boss with RCH12FSC®.

Please note all cooking times are approximate and depend on a range of factors, including quantity of charcoal and type of barbecue used, lighting method and weather conditions.


Big K RCH12FSC Restaurant Grade Charcoal is FSC certified, which means it complies with all of the requirements and regulations of the Forest Stewardship Council®. Big K has full FSC Chain of Custody Certification over this product. This certifies that every stage of the production of this charcoal is handled correctly, from forest to shelf. Read more about our policies on sustainability here.

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