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Professional Charcoal - RCB10


RCB10 is Big K’s restaurant grade compressed briquette. It’s made from 100% natural wood waste with no binders, so there’s no nasty chemicals. It’s ultra long lasting giving over 3 hours cooking time, so it is very popular with restaurants that have long service periods. The moulded hexagonal tubes are easy to manage, and a central air hole increases airflow delivering an even burn over your grill. Plus, it’s authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas. RCB10 is ready to cook on within 45 minutes, and it’s often used with RCH12FSC or another lumpwood as a lighting aid.

  • 100% natural compressed restaurant grade charcoal briquettes
  • Made from wood waste with no binders
  • Ready to cook within 45 minutes with over 3 hours cooking time
  • Authorised for use in smoke controlled areas
  • Central hole to aid air flow for even burning
  • Best used in combination with Big K’s RCH12FSC charcoal

RCB10 is a 100% natural compressed briquette charcoal. We make it without binders, so there are no nasty chemicals to spoil the flavour of your cooking. It’s compressed from waste saw dust and wood chips at high pressures to create moulded hexagonal tubes that are consistently sized and shaped, meaning they’re easy to handle and burn cleanly. These tubes have a central hole to aid air flow, which ensures they burn evenly across your barbecue, with no hot or cold spots to manage.

With a cooking time of over 3 hours, RCB10 is dependable and long-lasting. It’s best used in combination with our RCH12FSC lumpwood charcoal as a lighting aid. RCB10 is used to power professional grills across the country, but it’s also popular among adventurous home barbecuers.

If you’re looking to keep your BBQ clean and full of flavour, RCB10 is perfect for the purists.

Please note all cooking times are approximate and depend on a range of factors, including quantity of charcoal and type of barbecue used, lighting method and weather conditions.


RCB10 is manufactured solely from waste sawdust and wood chips. By using these waste products, Big K is helping to alleviate the pressure on forestry across the world, reducing the number of trees which have to be felled. Find out more about our commitment to creating sustainable charcoal here.

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