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Pizza Ovens

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    • 100% beech naturally compressed sawdust pizza logs, no binders
    • FSC Certified and sustainably sourced
    • Easy to light and long lasting
    • Easy to store box
    • As used by leading pizzerias
    • Each log weights approximately 2.2kg and is 38 cm in length.
    • One cubic meter of these logs is equivalent to 3-4 cubic meters of Firewood Log





    • Pack of 12 100% natural compressed sawdust heat logs, no binders
    • Manufactured in the UK from 100% sustainably sourced UK timber
    • Extremely low moisture content of under 5%
    • Easy to light and long lasting
    • Easy to store and handle
    • As used by some of the UK’s leading wood burning pizza restaurants




  • Kiln dried kindling



    • Buy 8 small bags, get 1 free
    • Kiln dried kindling wood to be used as a fire starter
    • Extremely dry and reliable
    • Ideal for multi-fuel stoves, woodburning ovens, pizza ovens, and open fires
    • Made from recycled waste wood



  • kiln dried pizza logs



    • Approx. 8kg kiln dried natural pizza logs
    • 100% natural, produced from British grown timber
    • Sustainably and ethically sourced
    • Moisture content below 20%
    • Packed in handy nets
    • Main species beech and ash





    • Kiln dried Birch logs,
    • FSC certified and Woodsure Ready to Burn accredited
    • Consistent moisture level of under 20%
    • Easy to light and long lasting
    • High heat output with less smoke and a better flame
    • Ideal for stoves, chimineas, fire pits, pizza oven fuel, cookers and open fire



  • seasoned british oak burningbag of seasoned british oak



    • Approx. 8kg seasoned British oak
    • 100% natural British oak, produced from UK grown timber
    • Sustainably and ethically sourced
    • Moisture content around 30%
    • Packed in handy nets
    • Extremely versatile fuel, ideal for firewood or cooking





    • Natural firelighters for fires and barbecues
    • Produced from FSC certified wood
    • Easy to light with minimal smoke and low odour
    • Made from small pieces of wood wool and wax
    • Safe and easy to use
    • Burn time of approx. 7 minutes