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    • Bubblin’ Fondue of Choceriffic-Chociness!!
    • Awesome to share!
    • Suitable for use on a barbecue
    • Dip and devour all kinds of delicious treats from fruit to marshmallows
    • An indulgent treat that can be warmed in the oven as well
    • Choose from milk or white chocolate to titillate your taste buds





    • Pack of 50 flat shaped 30cm bamboo skewers
    • Help turning and stop food spinning
    • Make it easier to master BBQ techniques
    • Suitable for cooking meat, fish or vegetables
    • Use in cooking or for skewers and kebabs
    • For best results soak in water for 30 minutes before use





    • Giant Pillows of gooey goodness
    • Perfect for Toasting
    • Great for making giant smores
    • Can be eaten cold or toasted
    • Definitely delicious dunked in hot chocolate
    • Dip away in the Dipping Tray for the ultimate treat



  • Sale!




    Included in the Mallow Madness Bundle

    • Giant Toasting Marshmallows x 2
    • Dippin’ Choc Tray x 1
    • Extra Long Flat Bamboo Skewers x 1
    • Kiln Dried Wood in a Box x 1
    • Premium Lumpwood Charcoal 5kg x 1
    • Woodies Wood Wool Firelighters x 1





    • Perfect mouthfuls of light fluffy marshmallows
    • Traditional American recipe
    • Gluten free
    • Delicious toasted as Smores
    • Add to a chocolate fondue for indulgence
    • Classic vanilla marshmallow flavour





    • Delicious roasted or cold
    • Orange, Lemon, Strawberry and Lime Flavours
    • Make exciting deserts
    • Add a tropical twist to Smores
    • Melts perfectly while maintaining shape
    • Gluten free






    • Delicious melting barbecue dessert
    • Add in fresh strawberries and banana for fondue fun
    • Suitable for oven, gas or charcoal barbecue
    • Includes regular marshmallows
    • Includes extending toasting fork
    • Dipping fun for young and old