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How to use Your Disposable Barbecue Safely

disposable barbecue being used on concrete slab

Disposable all in one barbecues are a great way to get grilling with less hassle. They’re easy to transport and make cleaning up a lot quicker. Plus, if you’ve not got a lot of space in the garden they’re a handy alternative to a full-size barbecue.

As with any charcoal barbecue, it’s essential that you follow all the safety advice and instructions from the manufacturer. However, there are additional risks to using disposable barbecues. This is because disposable barbecues can be used closer to the floor, and are not always used on top of secure stands like many other kinds of charcoal barbecue.

It’s vital to take extra care when using a disposable all in one barbecue. Ensure that the barbecue is never left unattended and that you keep a close eye on it. When used properly and carefully, disposable barbecues are a safe way to cook tasty barbecue food. Follow these guidelines to ensure you’re using them safely.

Before your BBQ

Before you even light your disposable barbecue, you’ll need to make sure you’ve chosen a safe location and prepared the area properly. You should never use any barbecue near fences, sheds, trees, shrubs or other flammable items such as garden waste.

Never use a disposable barbecue in an enclosed space. This includes tents, sheds, gazebos, or in your home. Barbecues produce carbon monoxide which is toxic. Using them in a non-ventilated area can be fatal.

You should also take care to ensure that you protect the surrounding environment. Especially in hot, dry weather, take special care around nearby grass or bushes. Forest and grass fires are becoming more common, and disposable barbecues are a common cause. Take extra care when using disposables in grassy public areas such as parks or forests. Also, make sure you have suitable fire extinguishers nearby.

Place disposable barbecues on a flat fireproof surface to prevent any risk of them tipping over. The foil bottom of disposable barbecues can get very hot, so don’t use them on a table or any other surface that could be damaged. Ideally, use some bricks or a paving slab to create a flat, secure surface to place the barbecue on. Some manufacturers also offer stands to fit disposable barbecues, although it’s still essential that you still place these on a flat surface where there’s no possibility of the barbecue sliding or tipping over.

To prepare your barbecue location, you should keep a bucket of water or sand or a fire extinguisher nearby. This ensures that you can quickly extinguish the barbecue in an emergency. Ensure that pets and children are kept well away from the cooking area at all times, even while the barbecue is cooling down after use.

Lighting your barbecue

kebabs and sausages cooking on disposable bbqWhen lighting your disposable barbecue, you should carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For most disposables, this will involve lighting a lighting strip or fuel pouch and placing back into the barbecue. Never add additional fuel or lighting agents such as spirits, petrol or lighting fuel to a disposable barbecue, or attempt to refill the barbecue with more charcoal after use.

When cooking, use long-handled tools to reduce the risk of burns. Remember that the top, sides, and bottom of a disposable barbecue will get extremely hot during use. During cooking, it’s recommended to occasionally agitate the barbecue fuel by tapping the grill tray. This helps to maintain the heat and keep you cooking for longer.

After your BBQ

Once you’ve finished cooking on your disposable barbecue, make sure that you extinguish it properly. You can use water or sand to do this by simply pouring into the charcoal embers or ash. Remember that ash and embers can still be very hot even if they appear unlit, so take extra care when doing this.

Do not attempt to move the disposable barbecue immediately after use, even if you have extinguished it. It can take a long time for your barbecue to cool down enough to be safe to move. You should completely extinguish your disposable barbecue and leave it to cool. This may take several hours. It’s important to allow enough time for your disposable barbecue to cool down, especially if you are in a public place, as leaving a hot barbecue may be a danger to others using the space, or could even start fires.

Ensure that the barbecue has cooled down completely before attempting to move or dispose of it. Rubbish bags or bins are often full of flammable waste, so make sure that the barbecue is cold before placing in the bin.

Simply follow this advice to use your disposable all in one barbecue safely and get a great grill wherever you are. Big K offers a full range of disposables and instant light charcoal. Try our All in Ones with an ultra deep foil tray for serious performance, available in both party and picnic sizes. Especially useful if you’re travelling, these portable powerhouses pack some real barbecue punch.