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The UK Lumpwood Charcoal scene lowdown

A close up picture of BigK UK Lumpwood Charcoal

Type ‘lumpwood charcoal UK’ into Google and a plethora of possibilities pops up. But which one to choose? No need for agonising reflection and pensive chin stroking: we’re here to give you the lowdown on the UK lumpwood charcoal scene. What makes us an authority? Well, we’ve been at this for over 50 years, producing all kinds of quality charcoal for the BBQ culture. Basically we know our charcoal. But we’re not here to shove BigK down your throat, rather we’ll bring you the facts and you can make up your own mind. Let’s get into it.


Why is BBQ lumpwood so important?

Before we get into the nitty gritty you need to know one thing: charcoal is the single most important ingredient when it comes to your BBQ. Most people think charcoal is just a fuel – a means to an end. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your charcoal affects everything from the taste and texture of your food, to the sear on your steak and the look on your plate. So you need a quality charcoal you can trust to deliver every time. More on this in a bit. Ok let’s go!


What is the best lumpwood charcoal in the UK?

Best is subjective people. In other words, if you ask 20 people about the best lumpwood charcoal, you will probably get 20 different answers. Forget the concept of best. It’s more about the right charcoal for you. To find your lumpwood charcoal soulmate, you first need to know a little more about these potent carbon-based characters.


What is UK restaurant lumpwood charcoal?

There’s a wide range of bbq lumpwood charcoal in the UK. So you really need to know the basics before you get stuck into the selection. Understanding is power. The power to make better choices. So what is lumpwood charcoal?

Basically barbecue lumpwood charcoal is a product of carbonisation. We take wood and heat it at very high temperatures in a low oxygen environment to remove impurities. What we’re left with is a high carbon density material known as char AKA charcoal. If you want to explore the charcoal making process a little more, check out this blog.


Close up of a pile of UK lumpwood charcoal


What kind of wood do we use for bbq lumpwood charcoal?

Now that you know a little more about the charcoal making process, one things becomes clear. Wood plays a key role: as it is the source material form which the charcoal is produced. To put it differently, the type of wood used during the carbonisation process affects the characteristics of the end product, meaning the charcoal itself. You’ll usually find natural hardwoods such as birch, beech, hard maple, oak, and hickory at the production source. Why? These are denser hardwoods, meaning they produce more carbon dense charcoal. And a higher carbon density in your charcoal equals a longer and hotter burn. It’s all quite simple once you wrap your head around the basics. As the lumpwood phenomenon has evolved BigK has found ever more exotic and denser hardwood to make lumpwood charcoal even better. Think White Quebracho or Marabu for example.


What makes BigK lumpwood charcoal so special?

We’ve seen countless charcoal producers come and go over the years. More often than not, they promise the BBQ earth and deliver very little. A flash in the pan is never as good as quiet consistency:enter BigK. We’ve been producing and supplying quality charcoal for over 50 years. The key to our longevity? We are driven by strong values of trust, honesty, family and quality. We never deviate from these guiding principals for profit, efficiency or any quick fix. What’s more, these values permeate everything we do, from the choices we make, to the way that we talk to suppliers, and they inevitably shine through in the quality UK lumpwood charcoal that we provide. Our restaurant lumpwood charcoal is special because it comes from a place of love and passion for what we do – simple.


What types of UK BBQ lumpwood charcoal are out there?

Now that we’ve got the general background out of the way, let’s jump into the some specifics. BigK has a wide range of incredible barbecue lumpwood charcoal for pros, newbies, restaurant chefs and casual grillers. Join us on a whistle stop tour of our awesome lumpwood charcoal selection.


Level up with our Pro Range

If you’re all about high quality, high performance and high taste, then our Professional Range of lumpwood charcoal should definitely float your BBQ boat! Even if you’re not a pro yet, you can still use these hardworking and reliable charcoals with ease. Let’s go a little deeper.


Close up shot of BigK UK Lumpwood Charcoal Chilla-Grilla burning white hot with red and orange flames


Chilla-Grilla Restaurant Grade lumpwood Charcoal FSC®

This charcoal is the prefect intro into our Professional Range.  It’s easy to light and cook ready within 30 minutes. Once Chilla-Grilla<LINK > is up and blazing, you can enjoy up to 2 hours of cooking time too. Of course Chilla-Grilla is 100% natural, FSC certified and sustainably sourced from an invasive thorn bush in Namibia. So you can grill on knowing that you’re being just that little bit kinder to the planet.


Close up shout of BigK UK lumpwood charcoal Dura burning white hot with orange flames


Dura Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal

Meet the most popular BBQ lumpwood in our pro range – Dura. BBQ fanatics up and down the UK just can’t get enough of this stuff. And for good reason too. Dura is a 100% natural lumpwood made from super dense White Quebracho. This wood is the key to Dura’s epic 3 hour burn time because a denser wood means a more carbon dense charcoal. And this means longer and hotter cooks.  Our fiery friend is also fully      authorised for use in smoke control areas, as it burns with no smoke at all. So if you’re deep into big BBQ cook outs, or you run long servings in a restaurant, then Dura is defo the charcoal to rock your world.


Marabu Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal

Do you Marabu? If not, you should! This feisty charcoal is taking over the BBQ game with its high heat and exotic character. Our pro Marabu is 100% natural and sustainable sourced form an invasive thorn tree. Can you say cook ready in 30 minutes? And of course super high and super consistent heat comes as standard. For the adventurers and thrill seekers, you should give Marabu a whirl.


Keep things nice and easy with our Home Range

Of course our Pro Range delivers beyond awesome results, however that’s just the tip of the Nice-berg. Our Home Range provides quick and easy lumpwood options for all kinds of BBQ heads. Let’s get into the granular.


BigK Lumpwood Charcoal

Tried. Tested. True. Our classic lumpwood is loved up and down the country. This is because it does what it does. No gimmicks. No flashy marketing hype. Just solid performance you can trust. Our UK Lumpwood Charcoal is 100% natural, producing a more than satisfactory 90 minute cooking time. It is easy to light and cook ready within 30 minutes. And of course each lovely piece burns cleanly with no additives at all.


product shot of Premium BigK UK lumpwood Charcoal


BigK Premium Lumpwood Charcoal FSC®

If you’re yearning to take home BBQ to new levels, then we’d suggest that you check out our Premium Grade Lumpwood FSC® . The secret to this quality BBQ lumpwood lies in the name. Premium means that every piece is graded by size and density, so we only use the bigger and denser pieces. This means a longer and more potent burn for you. 90 minutes is more than enough to do your thing on the grill for sure. Naturally this hardworking charcoal is easy to light and cook ready within 30 minutes. No additives. No chemicals. No bad taste or impurities. Finally BigK Premium Lumpwood is FSC®  certified so you can rest assured it is sourced, produced and manufactured in an ethical and sustainable manner.


product shot of BigK instant light UK Lumpwood Charcoal


Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal FSC®

Calling all kings and queens of convenience! Sometimes you just want to stroll on Easy Street. We get it. That’s why we created our Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal FSC®. Forget firelighters and charcoal stacks. Simply light one of the individual bags and kick back. Your charcoal will be cook ready within 15-20 minutes and you will get a steady one hour cook time to boot. Convenience doesn’t mean compromise. This nifty uk barbecue lumpwood charcoal is FSC® certified so ethics, sustainability and quality are on point.


Looking for UK lumpwood charcoal? BigK has you covered!

So there you have it you wonderful people. All the UK restaurant lumpwood charcoal facts are laid out for you. Now it’s up to you to ponder, pontificate and make a decision. We don’t need to say too much. Quality charcoal speaks for itself at the end of the day.  If you want brush up your charcoal knowledge, take a look at this deep dive or this handy guide.


Wishing you all sizzle, heat and happiness.