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Top Results for Bunch of Swines at Austrian BBQ Comp

Bunch of Swines Big K sponsored BBQ team awards

Big K-sponsored BBQ team Bunch of Swines came home with top prizes from the Meat, Smoke and Beer BBQ Competition earlier this month.

Showing off some fantastic grilling skills, the UK BBQ team Bunch of Swines cleaned up the 2-day event, taking home Overall Grand Champion awards for both days. They also won 1st place awards for brisket, pork and rib cooks, and a 4th place certificate for chicken.

The event took place earlier this month in Wels, Austria and was the 3rd Meat, Smoke and Beer BBQ Competition to date.

Officially sanctioned by the KCBS (Kanas City Barbeque Society), the competition weekend brings together some of Europe’s best BBQing teams to display the art of barbecuing to the general public. Visitors get the chance to watch grilling professionals preparing their cooks, learn more about different types of barbecue and get top grilling and smoking tips.

Bunch of Swines, headed up by Ed Gash and Emma Millest, has been competing and winning in competitions all around Europe and the USA. The Big K-sponsored team was one of only a couple of UK teams competing in the event. Other contestants included BBQ teams from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Belgium. Reserve Grand Champion prizes were taken away by German team White Squirrel BBQ on day 1 and Grillspitz BBQ Hunters in Austria.

As well as competing in BBQ competitions in the UK and abroad, Bunch of Swines also offer private catering and classes. Instruction courses include day classes in backyard BBQing – where participants can learn the art of smoking – and advanced days preparing keen BBQers for competitions.

Find out more about Bunch of Swines and what they get up to by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus, get updates on Bunch of Swines and other pro BBQ team news on our blog.