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Theo Michaels Smokes the Ultimate BBQ Ribs with Big K’s Coconut Shell Charcoal

image of a pile of cooked chipotle and bourbon pork ribs

Are your tastebuds feeling the love? We hope you been treating them to all kinds of tastes and textures – enjoying fantastic food is a wonderful part of life after all. If you’re ready for another mouth-watering feast, celeb chef Theo Michaels has just the thing. Sit back, relax and watch his recipe video for the ultimate BBQ ribs. In this video, Theo smokes some St. Louis style pork ribs in a homemade marinade over an indirect heat.

For a BBQ dish this epic, you need a charcoal that’ll really perform. So, Theo chose our coconut shell briquettes for this cook, because, as he says, these briquettes “will give my ribs a good couple of hours to cook well and truly well”. Theo uses the chimney method to get the briquettes going, and once they are burning nicely, he still has plenty of time to get the ribs properly cooked. Watch the full video below, and see Theo cook up these delicious BBQ ribs, with a home made marinade and baked sweet potatoes on the side:

Fancy snagging this recipe for your next BBQ? You don’t want to miss this one. Check out the whole ingredients list and method.

BBQ ribs need a slow and steady cook. So when it comes to charcoal choice, endurance and consistency definitely come into play. Big K’s Coconut Shell Briquettes are ultra high performing with a cook time of up to 3 hours, making them the perfect choice for a long indirect cook like this one. Plus, they’re quick and easy to light, just as Theo demonstrates. Our Coconut Shell Briquettes are a timber free product. They’re sustainably produced by carbonising waste coconut shells, so you get all this high quality performance from a sustainable source that’s better for the environment.

Next time you’re looking to get your smoke on with a recipe like these St. Louis style ribs, give Big K’s Coconut Shell Briquettes a try. Find out more here.

About Theo Michaels

Theo Michaels is a published author, celebrity chef, and currently a full-time Executive Chef. After reaching the semi-final heats on UK Masterchef 2014, Theo went on to create a sell-out pop up restaurant and spend 3 years as a private chef, alongside appearances on ITV’s This Morning, The Food Network and BBC Radio. Find out more about Theo on his website, check out his new cookbook Orexi, or follow him on Instagram.