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Big K is supporting the nation during COVID-19 crisis

Big K lorry delivering to the nation during the crisis

We will get through this together

Sending massive love and well wishes to everyone out there right now. There’s no doubt that times are tough at the moment, so we do hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well.

So many families, industries and lives have been affected by the crisis. Yet there is hope. Nationwide the response to the situation has been incredible, from the truly selfless work of NHS staff and wider Key workers, to those dropping groceries to the vulnerable and self-isolating. We are truly inspired by the care and support shown by communities across the country, and the globe, in these difficult days.

At Big K we have a job to do and we will continue to do it. This means serving and supporting restaurants (now turned into takeaway outlets), our usual takeaway shops, retail and online businesses and our customers in whatever way we can. So that being said, we are running our operation as normal – providing all our products and services, including next day delivery where appropriate, throughout the UK. Every person that we work with is more than just a number on a spreadsheet – they are family. And we will always help our family when they need us.

Support. Service. Savings.

10% off everything at promoTo those quarantined at home, we know things can get a little frustrating. Now that you have rearranged and colour coded your sock drawer, placed all your condiments in ascending size order and hoovered for the hundredth time, what’s next? Why not visit our website for a little optimism and inspiration? We have just the remedy for the self-isolating blues –10% off everything at starting in April. We will be sharing the exact date and promo code on social media soon, so keep an eye out for that.

You might think this is a little bizarre given the current circumstances, but actually a little use of your barbecue could go a long way to brightening up your day. Think about it, you may not be able to eat out, but perhaps you and the family fire up the grill and switch up your quarantine menu. It’s a fun way to break the monotony and enjoy something together in the safety of your surroundings. If it’s too cold for alfresco eating, just bring the food inside. We also have plenty of exciting recipes to get your creative juices flowing. For the glass half full types dreaming of throwing a big party when life gets back to normal, you can use this time to plan every detail and stock up on your BBQ essentials. That way when the good news comes, you will be able to celebrate in style.

Spring may be approaching but it’s still chilly in parts of the country, so you can stay safe indoors, order your heating fuel and make a saving too.

Naturally we will deliver to your doorstep, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your heating situation is handled for the upcoming months – no problems.

A small gesture can make a big difference.

Ok so we know that a discount offer for you guys isn’t going to really change the larger picture. However it’s just our little way of trying to make this new daily ‘grind’ better for all. As we’ve already mentioned, we genuinely want to help wherever we can, and this seems like one of the ways in which we can do so. Speaking of ways to spread some sunshine, we also have a competition to spark your culinary curiosity and appetite. We’re offering one lucky winner a basic BBQ bundle worth over £250. With a Thurros Shashlik Grill, two different bags of high quality Big K charcoal, the Orexi Cook Book by celebrity chef Theo Michaels and more included in the prize bundle, you’ll have everything you need to kick off your first BBQ (whenever it will be) with a real bang. For details on how to enter, keep an eye on our social media platforms over the coming weeks and we’ll give you all the details.

Finally we do hope that you stay positive in the months to come. Life continues to evolve and we have to change along with it. Throughout history, human beings have always shown an incredible resilience and ability to transform with the times. We will again. Rather than the constant 24-hour newsfeed, why not switch off and read a book, take up a new hobby or do something creative? Now that our schedules contain less toing and froing, it’s a great time to connect with those around you at home. A nice home cooked meal and conversation or some charades sounds good to us.

Whatever your plans, please stay safe, help one another and spread the love wherever you can. Big positive vibes from Big K straight to you all.