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Smokeless fuel revealed

A picture of the smokeless fuel known as smokeless coal in a fireplace lit with flames

Winter is treating us all to its icy concerto. So what do we do? Make our homes a bastion of warmth by burning our winter fuels of choice. We’re sure that you have your go-to favourites. But have you considered giving smokeless fuel a go? Cleaner, more heat efficient and kinder to the environment – smokeless fuels are a super alternative to bring the heat this festive season. Join us as we break down all the key smokeless fuel info you need to know.

What is smokeless fuel?

This is a great place to start our exploration. Now we aren’t plumbing the depths of Newtonian causality here. Smokeless fuel is basically just a type of solid fuel which emits minimal amounts of smoke or no smoke at all during the combustion process. We’re talking up to 80% less smoke and 20% less Co2 than traditional coal here people. Smokeless fuel is perfect for those looking to take advantage of an open fire, or to use a multi-fueled stove or for those residing in smoke-controlled zones.

What kinds of smokeless fuel are there?

You have a literal cornucopia to choose from in the smokeless fuel game. Think anthracite, coke, charcoal, hexamine fuel tablets, instant logs, heating briquettes and more. Gas is technically a smokeless fuel, so we will throw that one in there too. Let’s take a closer look.

Smokeless fuel image of smokeless coal lit and burning slowly

Smokeless coal

Smokeless coal is the evolution of regular coal. How? Well, the answer lies in its anthracite base. This base produces a more carbon dense coal, containing less volatile components. When we put these factors together, we have a cleaner, purer and more heat efficient coal, emitting a lower amount of smoke – we’d say about 80% less than normal coal.  

Is smokeless coal full of chemicals?

Thanks to smokeless coal’s total awesomeness, many people think it must be pumped full of chemicals. This isn’t true at all. Smokeless coal is a natural form of coal – the differentiating element is that it is derived from alternative carbon produced from a different base carbon. The result? A 5-6 hour burn time and a super-high heat output thank you very much. Whether you live in a smoke control area or not, you need to get on the smokeless coal vibe ASAP.

Smokeless logs

Smokeless logs  are a practical and sustainable option for bringing some serious heat to the party. These lovely logs are manufactured rather than naturally obtained. Smokeless logs are produced from higher density wood by-products and they’re often cylindrical in form. What makes these logs so incredible is the fact that they deliver all the heat and wonder of a regular fire-wood fire – just without the smoke and faffing around. Most smokeless logs are super easy to light up and get going, plus they leave little to no ash behind. Welcome in the era of no hassle and no mess!

How are smokeless logs produced?

Basically we take wood waste, anything from hardwood sawdust or softwood to wax, paper or straw, and we compress or extrude the mixture in moulds. This creates uniform logs with a consistent shape and density. But the real magic from the process lies in the super low sub 10% moisture levels. Oh and as if we needed any more amazing reasons to try smokeless logs: they don’t contain any additives, artificial binders or chemicals. In terms of size, smokeless logs lie somewhere in the vicinity of 6-8 inches long and approximately 3 inches in diameter. 

Where can I buy smokeless fuel?

Now this is an easy one: buy direct from We have all the smokeless fuel you could ever want. We’re talking enough to make Santa rethink his heating strategy. Here’s a few quick product insights.

A shot of one of Big K’s smokeless fuels known as a crackle log burning in a fireplace

Instant Light Crackle Log

Let the soothing sounds of a crackling fire flow over you without any of the hassle. Our Instant Light Crackle Logs bring the heat and the crackle in an instant.

Buy 9, get 1 free

Individually wrapped instant light crackle log

Made from recycled saw dust and wax, crackles and pops just like real wood

Instant light with no firelighter or kindling required, just light the wrapper

Each log burns for approximately 2 hours

Authorised for use in smoke control areas

Ideal for stoves, open fires, fire pits and bonfires


Instant Light Fire Log

For the Kings and Queens of convenience: Big K Instant Logs bring the fire pronto. 

Buy 9, get 1 free

Individually wrapped instant light fire log

Made from recycled saw dust and wax

Instant light with no firelighter or kindling required, just light the wrapper

Each log burns for approximately 2 hours

Authorised for use in smoke control areas

Ideal for stoves, open fires, fire pits and bonfires

Buy your smokeless coal direct from our website

Big K Smokeless Coal is a gamechanger. Cleaner, purer and better performing than conventional coal, our Smokeless Coal delivers in spades. What’s more its fully authorized to burn in smoke control areas. We have 10kg and 20kg bags, producing a whopping 5-6 hour burn time.  Want to go large and save? Check out our pallet deals and save up to 25%.

Smokeless fuels for festive frolics 

Now you know, we really can’t see any reason not give smokeless fuel a try. It might just change your festive fire game for good.