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Seriously salivating BBQ seasoning info for you

A picture of two chicken legs on a chopping board prepped with BBQ seasoning

In life, we all deserve a little ‘ Je ne sais quoi’. The French literally translates as ‘I don’t know what’ but essentially we’re talking about those little abstract intangibles that make experiences even better. BBQ seasoning is definitely one of those things. It elevates and accentuates flavour in both subtle and potent ways – giving taste just that little something extra that you can’t quite put your finger on. That’s ‘je ne sais quoi’ in action.

What is a BBQ seasoning?

This seems like a good place to start. Basically, BBQ seasoning is simply a blend of salt, spices, dry herbs and sometimes sugar used to season meat for grilling, smoking and roasting.

A close up of BBQ seasoning rub on some meat

How does BBQ seasoning work?

BBQ seasoning is added to meat to tenderise the flesh and augment, compliment or accentuate the natural flavours of the flesh. Some seasonings will add their own flavour into the overall taste profile as well. Of course you can use BBQ seasoning on veggies too.

Keep your BBQ seasoning subtle

We know it’s tempting to just shower your BBQ dishes with seasoning. But remember seasoning isn’t so much about adding a new flavour, but rather bringing out the existing flavour in new and exciting ways. We are looking to enhance rather than overwhelm, so show some restraint. Less is definitely more here guys!

How to use BBQ seasoning

Ok we’re not creating super-fast processing chips to power gargantuan subterranean server farms. It’s all pretty straightforward. Simply sprinkle and rub in your seasoning all over your meat and veg and rest and or chill the food for about an hour. This will give plenty of time for the flavours to engage with the dishes.

A shot of BBQ chicken cooked with BBQ seasoning with illustrated basting brushes over the top of the image.

Dry rubs versus wet rubs

Seasoning blends are often referred to as rubs. Dry rubs are exactly that; a dry mix of salt, herbs and spices. A wet rub is a mixture of salt, herbs and spices with a liquid added such as vinegar, lemon juice, yogurt or oil.

4 reasons why BBQ seasoning so awesome

We’re sure by now that you’re fully sold on seasoning. But you can never have too much of a good thing, so here’s all the reasons in one place.

Favour and aroma

Seasoning ingredients, such as herbs and spices, penetrate the surface of the food and often the interior too. As the meat or veggies absorb and interact with these flavours, they become more delicious with a more complex flavour.


Many wet rubs will contain something acidic such as lemon juice or vinegar. These acids breakdown protein, softening the meat and making it more tender.

Memorable moisture

The liquids in wet seasoning rubs, such as oils, help to keep all the moisture within the meat. This means your succulent BBQ food won’t dry out during the cook, keeping everything nice and juicy.

Balanced flavour

Seasoning your BBQ food can create a harmonious balance of flavour. We have our natural meat flavour and our complimentary seasoning flavour. These two elements combine to create diverse taste experiences that are fundamentally balanced – whether we’re talking in complimentary or contrasting terms.

Buy all your BBQ seasoning and rubs direct from

We have the BBQ seasoning game on smash at Big K. Basically we’ve partnered up with the most talented and creative rub makers in the game to bring you a wide range of deliciously diverse flavours to add into the BBQ mix. We couldn’t possibly dive into the full cornucopia here, so enjoy this quick over view.

A shot of Norfolk Smoke Pit BBQ seasoning bottles

Norfolk Smoke Pit 

Locally produced and lovingly prepared by hand, every Norfolk Smoke Pit rub enhances the possibility of flavour. From their famous Brew and Brisket Coffee Blend, to Cactus Kitchen Spice,  you’re sure to find the right seasoning to drive your taste buds insane!

A shot of LumberjAxe BBQ seasoning tins

These guys are serious about seasoning! Garlic and herb, Hot Buffalo,  Moonshine Mango Chilli – the list of delicious combos goes on and on. Have a gander and select the seasoning to rock your world.

A shot of Spice Ranger BBQ seasoning Jar

Spice Ranger 

Move over Lone Ranger, there’s a new sheriff in town! The Spice Ranger is cleaning up this culinary town. Taste that secret blend of sixteen all natural herbs and spices and enjoy a super versatile seasoning suitable for meats, vegetables and more. Spice Ranger works as a seasoning, in a rub or as part of a breadcrumb or sauce to add depth to meals. No added Sugar, no gluten, no soy and no MSG. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

So it seems the secrets of seasoning are no longer an unknown. You have the inside track on a serious player in the game of flavour. So what are you going to do with this new weaponry in your artillery? We look forward to seeing the results. Oh and if you need even more info, check out our guide to seasoningmarinades and rubs.

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