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Seafood Barbecue Recipes for the Summer

Seafood is quickly becoming a new barbecue favourite as fish is considered a healthier alternative to the fattier red meats. It is also a fantastic option for those who don’t eat red meats for dietary reasons, and means that nobody misses out on the best barbecue food. We’ve found some delicious recipes for fish that would make any family BBQ a memorable one. Any of these recipes can be cooked on a stone or masonry barbecue. Wood-based fuels will create a slightly smokier taste to your fish if you’re not cooking it using foil.

Crispy Barbequed Salmon with Cucumber Yoghurt

Salmon is a light and not too fishy option for a seafood barbeque or as a fresh accompaniment to other barbeque dishes.

Start off with a large side of salmon, skin on, scaled and boned by your fishmonger. First, brush the bars of the barbeque to prevent the fish from sticking. Then lay your fish on a chopping board and using a sharp knife slash the skin evenly about 1cm in depth. Sprinkle the zest of one lemon and some finely chopped basil or fennel heads into the grooves and push it all firmly into the slices. Rub the fish down with some olive oil and season to your taste. Cook on the skin side first until golden and then flip over gently to cook the other side. You can then carefully remove the skin from the fish and cook it alongside to crisp up. Remove your fish once it’s just cooked and allow it to cool slightly before plating up.

For the cucumber yoghurt, cut a cucumber in half, remove the seeds and chop it up into small slices. Add this to some plain yoghurt with the juice of your zested lemon, half a chopped chilli and some finely chopped mint or oregano. Finally, drizzle the sauce over the top of your salmon with some olive oil. It can be served as a refreshing accompaniment to your barbequed salmon.

Teriyaki Tuna

Tuna is a really versatile fish, and even though it can have a fishy taste, it can often replicate the meaty feeling of steak if it’s cooked a certain way.

First, make a teriyaki marinade in a shallow dish using 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, a tablespoon of rice wine, 1 large minced clove of garlic and 1 chunk of fresh minced root ginger. Alternatively, you could also buy a pre-made teriyaki marinade. Place 4 tuna steaks in the marinade, cover and leave to marinate in the fridge for at least half an hour. Preheat your barbeque on a medium to high heat, remove your tuna from the marinade and gently brush the side of each steak with olive oil. Cook for 3-6 minutes or until it is ready. Serve with a crunchy salad or chunky chips.

Garlic and Chilli Prawn Skewers

For these simple and tasty skewered prawns, place 3 finely chopped cloves of garlic, 1 finely chopped and de-seeded chilli (or some chilli flakes if you prefer), 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of lime juice and some salt and pepper into a bowl and mix up until well combined. Pop your prawns into the mixture to coat them evenly, cover, then put them in the fridge for at least 15 minutes to marinate.

Preheat your masonry or stone barbeque to a high heat and poke your prawns onto some metal or bamboo skewers (soak these in water first and beware of burning bamboo skewers). Cook the prawns for a couple of minutes either side, until cooked through and golden in colour. Serve with some fresh lime wedges and home-made mayonnaise for a refreshing summery barbeque snack.

Ginger and Lime Swordfish

Swordfish is a fantastic fish for the barbeque. Just like tuna it holds well and has a steak-like texture. Make a marinade by combining 3 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of oil, 2 small minced cloves of garlic, 2 small teaspoons of grated ginger, the zest of 1 lime and the juice of 1 lime, plus some pepper and salt. Place this in a shallow dish over the top of your swordfish steaks, cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Preheat your barbeque to a medium-high heat and place your fish on the grill, brushing the rest of the marinade over as you turn the steaks. Cook for a few minutes on each side and re-coat in the marinade, then allow to cook again for five minutes. It’s tasty with some sweet chilli rice, potato salad or a crunchy, sweet side salad.