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Serving up a Restaurant Charcoal guide for you

Close up image of restaurant charcoal

Restaurant charcoal is now a staple within the BBQ zeitgeist. Of course restaurant grade lumpwood is used in restaurants all over the UK. However these days,  it’s just as popular in the home setting. Ultimately who doesn’t want superior performance from their charcoal? Now, there are countless restaurant charcoals the market. But do you really know the differences between each product? Are you up on hardwood density or the difference between lumpwood and briquettes? If the charcoal lexicon is throwing you for a loop, just chill yourself for a sec. Big K knows restaurant charcoal from every angle and at every level. So today, we‘re going to get technical and embark on a detailed deep dive into our restaurant grade charcoal. You ready?


What is restaurant charcoal?

This seems like the obvious place to start. After all, once you grasp the fundamentals, the nuances and complexities will be easier to understand. Plus you will be empowered to make better charcoal choices. Restaurant grade charcoal is essentially charcoal that meets a specific set of quality criteria. We’re talking piece size, the carbon density and purity of pieces, number of additives or chemicals, burn times and burn temperatures. In a nutshell, restaurant charcoal is better quality compared to traditional lumpwood charcoal. But don’t get it twisted. As we said before, anyone can grill using restaurant grade charcoal. It just boils down to personal preference. If you’re all about top quality performance then restaurant charcoal is where it’s at.


Restaurant Charcoal burns in a portable BBQ on the beach


How is restaurant charcoal made?

Restaurant charcoal is essentially made in the same way as traditional lumpwood charcoal. Basically we take different woods  (such as beech, ash and maple) and heat them in a low oxygen environment at high temperatures. This process removes the majority of impurities from the wood, leaving behind a carbon rich material known as char – otherwise known as charcoal. In summation charcoal is a product of the carbonisation process.


How is restaurant grade charcoal sold on the market?

Our restaurant charcoal comes in bags, boxes and in bulk. We’re talking 12kg or 15kg restaurant charcoal bags, 10kg boxes and full pallet, half pallet and quarter pallet options. This means you can always get the right amount of charcoal for any BBQ job or event on any scale. We will get into the micro detail in a minute.


Get know everything about our Pro Range of Charcoal

Ok Ok, we know we always go on about our Pro Range like some proud parent singing their child’s praises. The reality is that we are chuffed to bits with our professional restaurant grade charcoal range. We have put some much love, care and passion into every product that we can’t help but be beyond stoked at the results. Enough talk: time for a serious breakdown.


10KG Au Natural Restaurant Grade Charcoal – Compressed Charcoal Briquettes

These incredible compressed charcoal briquettes are 100% natural with no additives or artificial binders – all for just £32.99.      Made from wood waste with no binders. Ready to cook within 45 minutes with over 3 hours cooking time and fully authorised for use in smoke controlled areas, our compressed briquettes bring you a purer and cleaner burn. The burn is further enhanced by a central hole to aid air flow and increase the efficiency of combustion. Our Au Natural Briquettes are sustainable too. How? Well they are made from wood waste saw dust, so you can blame up and have peace of mind.


Au Natural Lumpwood Briquette (RCB10) Pallet Deals (individual price per bag £23.99)

  • Full pallet, 65 bags: Save 30% @ £16.79 per bag
  • Half pallet, 39 bags: Save 25% @ £99 per bag
  • Quarter pallet, 13 bags: Save 15% @ £39 per bag


- A close up of restaurant charcoal chilla-grilla burning white hot with yellow flames


12Kg Chilla-Grilla Restaurant Grade Charcoal FSC® RCH12FSC

Chilla-Grilla is the perfect charcoal if you’re looking to ease yourself into the world of Pro Charcoal. For a reasonable £18.99 you can enjoy this 100% natural restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal  with a 2 hour cooking time. It’s easy to light too and cook ready within 30 minutes. The best part? Chilla-Grilla is a sustainable charcoal as it is sourced from an invasive thorn bush in Namibia. Basically you can BBQ knowing that you are also helping to manage local eco systems. This is defo a win-win in our book.


A close up shot of restaurant charcoal Dura burning white hot


15KG Dura Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal

Meet our most popular Professional Restaurant Grade Charcoal – Dura. Imagine a 100% natural White Quebracho restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal with a long lasting cooking time of over 3 hours – all for just £24.99. Dura is also fully authorised for use in smoke control areas as it burns with no smoke, plus it is easy to light and cook ready within 30 minutes.

Dura Restaurant Grade Charcoal (ACH15) Pallet Deals bulk (individual price per bag £22.99)

  • Full pallet, 40 bags: Save 30% @ £49 per bag
  • Half pallet, 20 bags: Save 25% @ £74 per bag
  • Quarter pallet, 12 bags: Save 15% @ £24 per bag


- A close up shot of restaurant charcoal Marabu burning white hot


15Kg Professional Marabu Charcoal

Get your hands on our 100% natural Marabu Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal for only £25.99. This exotic charcoal is cook ready within 30 minutes, delivering whopping 3 hour cooking time, perfect for restaurants or large events. What’s more our Marabu Restaurant Charcoal is sustainably and ethically sourced from an invasive thorn tree so it’s a sustainable option to add your BBQ repertoire.


4Kg Coconut Shell Briquettes

If you’re al about sustainability then we have just the professional charcoal briquette for you. Introducing our Restaurant Grade Coconut Shell Briquettes for only £8.49. These incredible briquettes are a timber free product made from sustainable wast coconut shell. Hight heat and long burns as standard. Can you say 3 hour plus cooking times? Low smoke and low odour means a cleaner and purer burn for you too!


Our Home Range is where the heart is

Yes our Professional Restaurant Range Charcoal is off the charts. However our Home Range is just as epic. It’s more about horses for BBQ courses at the end of the day. Let’s go deeper and explore our quick and convenient Home range of charcoals.


Lumpwood Charcoal

We have build our organisation on this classic, reliable and quality lumpwood charcoal. It’s available in 5kg, FSC® 5kg and 10kg for prices varying from £6.99 – £12.99. This 100% natural lumpwood charcoal produces a 90 minute cooking time and is cook ready within 30 minutes. Our trusty Lumpwood burns cleanly with no additives and is ideal for home BBS too!


5 Kg Big K Premium Grade FSC® Lumpwood.

Feel the power of our Premium grade 100% natural FSC® certified lumpwood charcoal. This quality lumpwood is graded to ensure that we only give you the biggest and most carbon dense pieces. And of course this means hotter and longer burns for you. Premium doesn’t mean less convenience. In fact, our classy Premium Lumpwood is easy to light, cook ready within 30 minutes and offers a trusty 90 minute burn time.


Now you know the details, which charcoal will you choose?

Now you know about Pro Restaurant Charcoal and our Home Charcoal, which one ticks your BBQ boxes. Both deliver quality, consistency and performance – basically you can’t lose. If you want to raise your charcoal IQ, check out this detailed blog and this handy guide. Whatever you choose, we’re sure that you will be grilling a storm in no time at all.


See you again in the digital realm soon.