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Check out Theo Michaels Using Big K Instant Light Charcoal for the Ultimate Quick and Easy BBQ Skewer Feast

image of big k instant light charcoal being burned in kettle bbq

BBQ lovers, and their personalities, come in all shapes and sizes. For the barbecue purists, grilling is an art, others are more into vibes and ambience and some people are all about simplicity. As BBQ pros, it is our job to give a little insight to every BBQ fan, whatever they are into. If quick and easy is what you’re all about, we have some wisdom to fire your way.

At Big K, we know that sometimes you just want to get the barbecue lit and cook up a delicious meal in no time. Time can often be of the essence, so hours of marinating, smoking and tenderising isn’t always a possibility. Basically, you just need to get your grill on with minimal effort. So, we asked celebrity chef and author Theo Michaels for a BBQ skewer recipe that makes it super quick to cook up a delicious feast, and he didn’t disappoint.

“I’m all about convenience and making my life easy,” says Theo, and our Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal is the perfect way to get your grill going in a hurry. Using just our instant light charcoal and a small kettle grill, Theo’s BBQ recipe of vegetable skewers with halloumi and a balsamic and honey glaze is quick and easy to cook. These sweet and savoury BBQ skewers offer fresh flavour with little effort, a real crowd pleaser if we say so ourselves. Watch the whole video:

Want to save time on your next BBQ with Theo’s vegetable skewers? Get the full recipe here.

As you know by now, quality is everything to us. However, this goes beyond the physical properties of the product itself. True quality is about creating the right product to meet our customers’ specific needs. This is how we take the BBQ experience to a new level. As we’ve mentioned already, if you search for ease and convenience in life, Big K’s Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal is the ultimate charcoal for you. It’s packed into handy 1kg dust proof bags that are perfect for kettle grills like Theo’s and other small home BBQs. What’s more, it’s easy to light: simply light the corners of the bag and you are good to go. Because the charcoal is impregnated with lighter fluid, you don’t need to worry about having your own starter fuels like firelighters or lighting gels, so it’s easier than ever to fire up a perfectly heated barbecue. It’s ready to cook on within 20 minutes, and you’ll get up to an hour of cooking time, plenty for these skewers and a whole host of other delicious BBQ dishes.

Skip all the faff next time you just need a quick grill. Find out more about our Instant Light Lumpwood Charcoal, available in a pack of 4 1kg bags.

About Theo Michael

Theo Michaels is a published author, celebrity chef, and currently a full-time Executive Chef. After reaching the semi-final heats on UK Masterchef 2014, Theo went on to create a sell-out pop up restaurant and spend 3 years as a private chef, alongside appearances on ITV’s This Morning, The Food Network and BBC Radio. Find out more about Theo on his website, check out his new cookbook Orexi, or follow him on Instagram.