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Pizza oven fuel unpacked. Your perfect partner for pizza

Pizza oven fuel burns brightly in a pizza oven illuminating a crispy pizza cooked to perfection

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s not amore. The simile is actually a result of some seriously performing pizza oven fuel – creating a crispy pizza so large and perfect that one can compare said pizza to the moon in the sky. Sorry Dean Martin. Fiiine! We are taking rhetorical liberties. Why be Generic Eric when we can wax lyrical, plundering the expressive depths of language? Exactly. So where we again? Ah yes pizza oven fuel logs. This hard working fuel is always in the shadows. Pizza’s themselves are cultural icons eaten by pretty much everyone including a bunch of sewer-dwelling genetically mutated turtles. The point is that we are fixated on these delightful discs, often ignoring the very fuel that birthed them all. Well not today. Sit down, strap in and let’s explore pizza oven fuel together.


What fuel for pizza oven?

Excuse the crudity of the above question. Apparently when we ask questions online, our capacity for articulation seems to diminish. Now that we know the importance of pizza oven fuel within the pizza apparition model, the next logical step is to find out which fuels are best. There’s no getting around the fact that Big K are purists when it comes to our ‘Za. So although coal and gas have their supporters, we push the wood agenda for sure. Pizza born from a wood-fired oven is cravingly crispy, magnificently melted and perfectly puffy. If you yearn for the authentic, then wood-fired pizza using pizza oven fuel logs is the way.


pizza oven fuel in a pizza oven burns brightly cooking a pizza

What fuel do I use in my pizza oven?

We all know the basics by now. Different woods have different physical properties, leading to different burn characteristics and performances. In the world of pizza oven fuel logs you need to get up close and personal with some rather dry customers. We’re not working on fibre optic technology here guys, it’s all rather simple. Less internal moisture leads to cleaner, better, more efficient and hotter burns. Why is temperature such an important factor in pizza making? Well your pizza oven must reach between 450 and 500°C for pizza perfection, so you need dry logs delivering high performing and consistent heat to hit that golden temp range.

Seasoned logs for a classic pizza

If you’re fairly new in the pizza game and you want to keep things controllable and consistent, then seasoned hardwood logs could be the way to go. For the noobs out there, seasoned logs are just logs that have dried out over a long period of time in natural open-air conditions. They usually have a moisture content of between 25-35%. Hardwood is basically wood taken from a tree that sheds its leaves every year – think beech, birch, maple, ash and oak. When it comes to pizza ovens, hardwoods are preferable to softwoods (woods derived from conifers) as they reach optimal temperatures faster and offer a more steady and consistent burn. Our Seasoned British Oak logs are a great first port of pizza call. Ethically sourced, sustainable, dry (30% moisture content) and made from 100% natural British oak, these hard working logs will fuel your oven to pizza paradise.

Go fruity and feel the flavour

Pizza lovers and pizza oven fuel enthusiasts are flipping out for fruitwoods. Try adding some apple, almond, pear or pecan into the mix. Fruitwoods are hardwoods, so they have the same properties and thus burn characteristics – with a fragrant bonus. During burning, the aroma of fruitwood infuses with the pizza dough and toppings, bringing fruitiness to the fore.

A pile of pizza oven fuel glows nicely cooking a pizza in a pizza oven

Kiln dried for killer pizzas

Kiln dried wood is even drier than its seasoned relative. How? Well kiln dried logs are dried in a controlled environment known as a kiln. We can control the environmental conditions within the kiln eco system meaning the drying process is more powerful and quicker than seasoning. All these factors culminate in producing logs with a super low moisture percentage of about 20%. And you know the scoop by now, lower moisture means a better burn.

At Big K we don’t just drop knowledge, we provide the products for you implement this new learning too. Kiln dried wood is kind of our bread and butter (along with other delights) so our specialists have created Big K Kiln Dried Natural Pizza logs. >Each log is 100% natural, produced from UK grown timber, and of course, sustainably sourced. The best part? Internal moisture levels of below 20% bringing you a gorgeous burn and pizza bases crisped to heaven.

Power up your pizza oven with these blazing beauties

If you’re really looking to kick things up a notch, you should consider some pizza oven heat logs or briquettes.  The key to their amazing performance lies in their production. These guys are squashed into existence. Seriously. We’re talking about compressing wood sawdust into uniform shapes at extremely high pressures. These logs and briquettes usually contain no chemicals, binders or accelerants. This makes them a more natural choice when it comes to pizza oven fuel.  As if things couldn’t get any better, pizza oven heat logs have a mind-melting low moisture content of less than 5% – again thanks to the amazing compression process.

A pallet of our pizza oven fuel Forno logs stands ready to be shipped

Briquettes and heat logs produce three times as much heat per log compared to kiln dried logs, so they are definitely the big boys of temperature.  However we’d say that the best things about briquettes and pizza oven heat logs is their consistent performance. You see, the uniform shape of every log and briquette ensures that each one burns in exactly the same way. Consistency delivers control at the end of the day. Feed your control freak and become a master of manipulation with Big K Forno Pizza Oven Logs

To warp things in a positive bow, our Forno Pizza Oven Logs are 100% natural compressed sawdust heat logs, manufactured in the UK from sustainably sourced UK timber. Enjoy less than 5% moisture, as well as control, consistency and blazing heat.

How to fuel a pizza oven? Additional prep and a word on smoke control areas.

Now you have your chosen pizza oven fuel good to go, what’s next? Set up your fuel in your pizza oven and get burning that’s what.  You will need roughly between 10-20 minutes to warm up your pizza oven depending on the fuel that you have chosen. After this it should take about another 30 to 40 minute burn before you enter the holy grail of temperature zonage.

Just a quickie on smoke control areas: if you don’t live in a smoke control area, then obviously the rules   don’t apply to you. However if you do reside within a smoke control area, then ensure that your pizza oven is outdoors and not part of a house or building to be exempt. Easy stuff.

What is the best pizza oven fuel for me?

We have touched on this in the above, but if you have missed the word wizardry no dramas. Basically if you are a beginner, we think seasoned hardwood should do you well. More in the intermediate range of Pizza creation? Get yourself some Kiln dried logs and go to pizza town. Finally, if you are a pizza pro and looking to refine your tekkers, saw dust briquettes or heat logs should be your weapons of choice, delivering super high heat and consistency. If you want to immerse the mind in all things pizza oven fuel, feast your eyes on our full range of pizza oven fuel here.

We hope you are no longer blinded by these circular nom-nom providers. The facts behind the fuel are just as fascinating. Take care your gorgeous lot!