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A pallet of logs brings heat and value

A pallet of logs has been unloaded and stacked to form a pile of logs outside.

Do you have an attitude of abundance? Essentially this is a positive mindset, focusing on what we have versus what we lack. It’s about potential and possibility rather than limitation. Gratitude instead of ungratefulness. Hope rather than despair. We defo think that this is great life philosophy. But we don’t always need to implement it. We are surrounded by abundance (hello Internet). Another example is a pallet of logs. Why have one bag when you can grab a pallet, construct a small hamlet and name yourself Mayor of Woodville? Pallets of wood bring convenience and great value. Let’s dig deeper.


Looking for a pallet of kiln dried logs? Big K has you covered!

We have a variety of logs for your fireplace, campfire, stove or firepit. Basically wherever you need a log, we’re there to plug that functional gap – it’s kind of an obsession. We’re talking Kiln Dried Logs, Logs grown in Britain, sustainable compressed sawdust logs…even logs to clean your chimney. In even better news, pretty much all of our logs are available in pallets! That’s what we call winning! Before we get into the beautiful nitty gritty of the pallet of logs vortex; just a quick word on pallet delivery.


Firewood pallet delivery details for Big K

Going Big doesn’t mean breaking the bank. In fact, as you’ll see, pallets actually offer big savings. You’d think doing all that extra lugging would incur a delivery charge. Aha well you would be thinking wrong. We offer a free 48 hour pallet delivery on all pallet orders. We would love to bring everything into your home but we have so many people to see, so all pallet orders are delivered kerbside. Finally we cannot collect empty pallets.


a shot of a pallet of logs against a wall


Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs FSC Grown in Britain  £7.99

Meet the work horse heating hearts and homes across the UK. Ok more like a stallion to be fair but you get the point. Our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs FSC Grown in Britain are all about quality, convenience and consistent performance. Each log is grown in Britain and ethically sourced (to the most stringent industry standard we might add) bringing you unparalleled heat and peace of mind.  The icing on the metaphorical cake? Cerebral cortex melting sub 20% internal moisture levels. We’re talking mega dry here peeps! Add all these factors up and you get  purer burns, hotter temperatures and increased fuel efficiency. Looking for large and even larger savings? Bulk bags and pallet deals here.

  • Kiln dried hardwood logs, 100% Grown in Britain
  • FSC® & GiB certified and Woodsure Ready to Burn accredited
  • Consistent moisture level of under 20%
  • Easy to light and long lasting
  • High heat output with less smoke and a better flame
  • Ideal for stoves, chimineas, fire pits, pizza ovens, cookers and open fires


Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs: Pallet Deals breakdown (individual price per bag £7.99):

Full pallet x80: Save 25% @ £5.99 per bag

Half pallet x40: Save 20% @ £6.39 per bag

Quarter pallet x16: Save 15% @ £6.79 per bag

Snuggle up to some serious savings with our bulk and pallet deals. Get full, half or quarter pallets of our premium environmentally friendly hardwood logs delivered kerbside for free – and save up to 25%. Or, buy a bulk bag and and save on approx. 300kg of Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs.


A shot of a pallet of logs shot against a brick wall


Compressed Sawdust Heat Logs  £9.50

Embrace the marvel of compression!  Our Compressed Sawdust Heat Logs deliver maaaad heat thanks to insanely low moisture levels of sub 8%. When we compress wood granules we can remove even more internal moisture than a traditional kiln. You gotta love technology.

We’ll pull back the curtain on this one. Basically we grab a finely mixed powder of recycled wood granules and compress them at super high pressure in moulds. Et voila –  uniform density, shape and consistency in every log. Sustainability? Yes please! Our 100% natural heat logs are made using only by-products of managed forests and recycled wood, so they’re a little kinder to the environment. Pick up a pack of 12-14 logs, and experience the blaze for yourself

  • 100% natural compressed heat logs
  • Made with no additives or binders
  • Contains only by-products of managed forests and recycled wood
  • Suitable for fireplaces and stoves, leaves little ash
  • Under 8% moisture level with no sparks or spitting
  • 12 logs per pack


Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs Pallet Deals (individual price per bag £8.99):

Full pallet, 98 bags: Save 25% @ £7.13 per bag

Half pallet, 56 bags: Save 20% @ £7.60 per bag

Quarter pallet, 28 bags: Save 15% @ £8.08 per bag

Using a lot of our Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs? You can save money when you buy in bulk. We offer full, half or quarter pallets, all delivered kerbside for free. Save up to 25% with our pallet deals.   Go big and save big with pallet deals.


Go Big to enjoy Big benefits

Now you are up to speed on all things pallet-related, isn’t it time you said yes to better value and an easier way of doing things? We thought so.





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