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Use Outdoor Wood Burners for the Perfect Evening, Part 1: Choosing the Right Burner

Fire pit

Ah the great outdoors. Fresh air, the breeze, perhaps even a blue sky or two. At Big K, we’re all about outdoor living. And we want to help you make the right choices to make al fresco experience just that little bit better. With some simple facts and insight, you will be able to add comfort, excitement and ambience whatever the occasion.

Our new series is all about sharing our knowledge on outdoor wood burners. These hard-working feats of engineering can become an integral focal point for your outdoor space. We have a lot to cover and here’s a quick breakdown. In the first part of this 3 part series, we’ll go over the different types of outdoor wood burners and how to make the best choice to suit your garden space. In the second part, we’ll give you the lowdown on the best fuels to make the most of your outdoor wood burner, and in the final part we’ll go over some great ways to use your outdoor wood burner to create the perfect evening atmosphere.

So, let’s dive right in. If you’re thinking of getting an outdoor wood burner, there are a few things you’ll need to think about to make sure you choose the right one for your garden space. Firstly, it’s important to understand the different types of outdoor wood burner. Each one has its own characteristics and capabilities so it’s important to get all the details before making any decisions. You’ll also want to think about the size of the burner that you get. This means planning how you’ll use it: are you going to be hosting big parties with lots of guests, or are you creating an intimate space for a few friends? Here’s our guide to the top kinds of outdoor wood burner and how to choose the right one for your garden.


Chimineas are a very popular kind of outdoor wood burner. They’re a more traditional option and come in a huge range of designs, so you’re bound to find the perfect style for your garden. Plus, the classic chiminea shape looks very attractive, providing a higher end feel and style to your garden whether it’s lit or not.

Chimineas are available in a huge range of colours, styles and shapes. The traditional shape is a rounded dome with an opening to the front and a chimney on top to direct smoke upwards, but there are other options available too.

There’s no doubt that the chimnea design aesthetic is easy on the eye. Yet that doesn’t mean you have to compromise in performance. In fact, the main advantage of chimineas lies in the actual chimney element of the design. It allows the smoke to be directed upwards, away from you and your guests. Plus, the chimney helps the fire draw air better, making it easier to light and ensuring a clean and efficient burn. However, as the opening on a chiminea is quite small, it’s not always a natural place for people to gather, meaning the fire becomes less of a focal point of your evening. But, with prices to suit all budgets, and countless stylish models, chimineas are a great starting point for a wood burning stove in your garden.

Fire pits and fire baskets

For an even more traditional and primitive feel for your outdoor fire, why not try a fire basket or fire pit? These kinds of outdoor wood burners are super simple to use, and they create much more of a centrepiece for your evening. Channel your inner caveman and get a tribal touch to your surroundings.

Fire baskets tend to be smaller than fire pits, and they’re also often cheaper. If you’re looking for a budget option for an outdoor wood burner, a fire basket could be ideal for your garden. The only downside to fire baskets is that they’re often not that durable, so if you’ll be looking to light up the fire every night, you might want to look for a more robust fire pit.

Fire pits are widely available, and offer a powerful look as an outdoor wood burner. There are lots of different options available, from steel fire bowls to granite fire pits. There are even some fire pits available that are built in to a table, perfect for serving up that BBQ feast.

One of the main advantages of fire pits is that they create a gorgeous focal point for your garden. With 360 degree views of the crackling flames inside, they’re perfect for summer evening gatherings with a few friends over, or even for keeping warm on a cooler autumn night.

Wood burning stoves

The last option for an outdoor wood burner is the wood burning stove. These are the most expensive of all the kinds of wood burners you could use in your garden, but if you’re dedicated to getting the fire going in your back garden, a wood burning stove could be just what you need.

Wood burning stoves are versatile, multipurpose pieces of kit. They can be used both as a cooker, and as a source of heat. Plus, the design of these stoves delivers heat out from both sides, so you can still use them as a focal point when you’ve got people over in the garden on cold evenings.

So, now you’re equipped with information and insight, you just need to decide which outdoor wood burner is right for you, and you’ll be well on your way to the perfect outdoor evening.

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