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Kindle your love for kindling in this guide

In life we tend to focus on the flashy – the thing that grabs our attention. However, look a little closer and you’ll find unassuming elements behind the final outcome. Key players integral to the end-product as it were. And yet they remain mostly forgotten. When it comes to fires, kindling is one such example. We are hypnotised by the flame. Seduced by the roar. But if it wasn’t for kindling, would we have such an amazing fire to enjoy? 

Kindling is the middleman. The bridge between the catalytic spark of your firelighter and the gorgeous licking flame. These little pieces of wood allow you make a fire quicker with more convenience – ultimately helping your fire to catch and burn evenly. It doesn’t matter if you are using a log burner, multi-fuel stove or fireplace, kindling is king to get your fire started right! 

A split image of a man placing kindling on a freshly started fire outdoors and a burning open fire in the woods

What is Kindling Wood?

We’re sure that you probably know the deets. But we can never assume anything. Kindling wood is basically small pieces of wood used to start a fire. We usually light kindling with firelighters or a little tinder. Once your kindling is lit, it in turn, will light your main firewood or fuel.

Why is Kindling important?

It comes down to this: no matter how dry and awesome your logs, they will always be tough to light directly. There is simply too much mass and material to burn

using just a firelighter. In other words, the firelighter can’t provide enough energy to kick off the combustion process. On the other hand, Kindling contains enough energy to get those logs blazing.

Side note: if you’re using some kind of wood-burning appliance, kindling will help bring it to an optimal burning temperature. Why is this important?  Well, this increased temperature will prevent creosote from developing in your flue, meaning better burning conditions and overall performance. 

 A man shaving slices of kindling off a log placed on a tree trunk covered in frost

What Is the Best Kindling Wood?

In the kindling kingdom, flexibility and versatility rule supreme. So your kindling can be made out of pretty much any type of wood. Few pointers here: softwood kindling burns a little faster than hardwood kindling, so it’s ideal for speedy fire starting. Yes hardwood kindling burns slightly slower, but is still a fab form of kindling. 

Kiln-dried kindling versus seasoned kindling?

As we all know, moisture is the enemy in the flame game. So it’s common sense that kiln-dried kindling will perform better than seasoned kindling, due to its lower internal moisture levels. A more heat efficient kindling equals a more efficient fire. 

Where’s can I buy kindling in the UK?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Big K. We have kindling galore to make your fires roar! Just visit , check out the Heating tab and explore the Firelighters and Kindling section. Job absolutely done!

A wigwam of logs burning in an outdoor fire in a wood with kindling at the bottom

Big K Kiln Dried Kindling

Meet the most consistent and reliable kindling in the fire area – if we say so ourselves anyway. Big K Kiln Dried Kindling is dry, versatile and sustainable as it’s made from recycled waste wood. From fireplaces and firepits to log burners and multi-fuel stoves – our kindling delivers flame after flame and fire after fire, every time.

Big K Kiln Dried Kindling

  • Kiln dried kindling wood to be used as a firestarter
  • Extremely dry and reliable
  • Ideal for multi-fuel stoves, woodburning ovens, pizza ovens, and open fires
  • Made from recycled waste wood

Oh and check out this deal – buy 7 Kiln Dried Kindling Wood Small Bags, get 1 free! Just add 7 bags to your basket. This only applies to the small bags though!

Now you know what to use to get your fire started, it’s time to get started. Grab a bag of kindling direct from Big K and make your best blaze yet.