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Kids, BBQ, fun and insight – Little K leads the way

A kids BBQ character of a smiling chef’s hat announces Little K

To reap the fruits of tomorrow we must plant the seeds today. This idea is the beating heart of Little K – our new online BBQ club for kids. You see we owe so much to the BBQ community. After all, cooking food over fire is the reason why we are who we are and do what we do. So it’s our responsibility to feed and nurture BBQ culture. We must preserve this amazing activity of fun, family, fire and flavour. How do we do this? By empowering the next generation of young BBQ fans with knowledge, tools and practical advice. In this way we will create the grill Gods and Goddesses of the future.


Little beginnings. Big possibilities.

These COVID times have been tough and testing. However we also know that many new bright ideas are illuminating the doom and gloom. Little K was one such concept. We had always wanted to do something to encourage little hands to get grilling: lockdown conditions presented an opportunity. What if we could get families spending more time together? How can we entice everybody to turn off the TV and fire up the grill? Is there a way to bring interactive fun for all to alleviate the boredom? Little K opened its eyes and took its first tentative steps towards realisation.


A picture of some Little K kids doing BBQ


Springing into action

Ideas can be amazing. However where’s the value in a scribble on a page? In other words we must take action and follow through on our ideas, turning them into a reality. We needed to get Little K up and running – taking into account the current circumstances, whilst not compromising on our overall vision. So we knew we had to take Little K online to kick things off quickly. Digital is an instantaneous distributor and effective content medium, plus we could mix and blend with our social media – giving all the Little K Chefs and their parents a chance to share their creations with the wider Big K Fam.


The goal? Educate, engage and inspire.

Our aim is simple. We want Little K to be source of information, advice and fun for little ones. We’re talking health and diet, charcoal and grilling, recipes and tips to name a few. Each piece of content in our monthly activity email will stimulate the mind and help kids to get hands on – all under the watchful supervision of their parents of course. Another factor we have to consider is age. We have 3 year olds right up to 11 and 12 year olds, so we are developing a mix of content to ensure there’s a little something for everyone.


A picture of the welcome pack Little K sent to all the BBQ kids including chocolate, marshmallows and coloured pencils


Digital is great. Real world is even better.

To launch Little K we wanted to take things from the inbox to the post box, so we also sent out a welcome pack to all the Little K Krew. It was just our way of making the whole experience more visceral and tangible – basically we all know how much kids love to play with toys and goodies!


A sheet of stickers custom designed for all the BBQ kids


The pack was packed full of fun, including a recipe/note book, yoyo, mini frisbee, coloured pencils, marshmallows, chocolate and some awesome BBQ stickers. For the stickers we didn’t want your run of the mill generic BBQ pics, so we teamed up with Sticker Mule to create something really special. Basically we designed all kinds of fresh and funky visuals, then Sticker Mule took our creations and turned them into a sheet of customised stickers for the Little K Club. Talk about sticky treats for all those little sticky fingers! These guys know their stuff and we’re delighted with how all the stickers turned out. Check out Sticker Mule and see their skills for yourself.


We’re cooking up all kinds of things for the future.

As we said, our main priority was to get Little K up and running – and we are delighted to say job done in this respect. The enthusiasm, feedback and uptake for Little K has been amazing. Seeing all the pictures of the Little K members getting hands on really warms our heart. This is just the start. We’re planning all kinds of awesome things, from art and recipe books to poetry competitions, easy first cook recipes and more. We’re also adding a Little K Award into the Big K BBQ Awards 2021, so stay tuned for more info on that coming super soon.


Do you have little ones who will love Little K?

Every child is welcome! It’s easy to join, simply email [email protected] with your child’s name and date of birth (this is just so we can send the right age appropriate pack) and we will send you some welcome goodies and add you to the monthly Little K newsletter.

Together we can preserve and nurture BBQ culture for many more years to come.

Stay safe.