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Hunter Gatherer Cooking brings us back to the basics

Alex AKA Hunter Gatherer Cooking stands looking into the camera with a serious facial expression wearing a cap.

The UK food and drink industry is valued at £100 billion. Its composition is nuanced and complex. However the commercial machine dominates the majority of the market. Food production on an industrial scale is rooted in instant gratification. A behemoth to satisfy our cultivated desires. I want to eat what I want, when I want, without breaking the bank. The result? Convenience, chemicals and capitalism often supersede health, nutrition and the environment.

In this arguably corrupt zeitgeist, the purists are a minority. And by purists we mean those that don’t see food as product. Rather they interpret what we eat in terms of natural narrative, experience, history and community. To these people food isn’t a commodity, but rather an essential entity woven into the existential fabric. Hunter Gatherer Cooking is one such purist – a man seeking understanding and context behind what ends up on our plate. You’ll find him in the fields and forests, meadows and rivers. You’ll see him talking with people from local food industries and communities. And watching his content, you’ll obtain a new appreciation for, and perspective on, simple quality food cooked over fire. In our latest Culinary Curiosity feature, we’re beyond thrilled to shoot the breeze with Hunter Gatherer Cooking. Let’s jump right in.


A raw meat cut lies on a chopping board with a leather apron and other BBQ equipment in shot


Big K: Why Hunter Gatherer Cooking as a brand concept?

HGC: Hunter Gatherer Cooking was created nearly 3 years ago and initially I just liked the name. But it evolved into a new meaning over time. It wasn’t about actual Hunting or Gathering, as I had no access to this or knowledge about it. It was about ‘hunting’ quality food with high animal welfare. Since then I have met with so many businesses from deer managers to hunting brands, and I have covered the full spectrum of Hunting and Gathering. The HG Group now consists over Hunter Gatherer – Cooking, Sleeping and Apparel.

Big K: Do you think there is a lack of education around where food comes from and how it is produced?

HGC: Massively. People generally have no idea. Food labels are poor and traceability on large scales production is not great. Price is a huge thing for people and so the supermarkets are constantly driving down price, meaning corners are cut. I want to get people out off mass produced meat and into their local butchers and farm shops where quality and care is better. My YouTube channel acts a blog of sorts, finding these people and telling their story.

Big K: What role does nature play in your cooking and thought process? 

HGC: I don’t want to come over as meat mad, so I want to balance that with fresh vegetable and fruit as much as possible. I like to get out and about in nature to escape city life. That’s why I shoot many videos in random locations around the UK.


Sausages, burgers and meat lie on a shovel and spade over a grill See copy above for insertion point



Big K: How would you describe the current state of the UK BBQ Scene?

HGC: On the up! I think the UK has some of the best food available and we should be proud of that. Plus there are new chefs coming though all the time. Each one as his or her own fresh ideas to bring to fire cooking. I have also seen a trend in people moving away from salt and sugar based products into using products that are naturally sweet mixed with other things.

Big K: What did you learn about yourself during lockdown?

HGC: To appreciate what you have. I was really lucky in lockdown as I had so much to do, so I stayed so so busy. I know a lot of people suffered last year and still do, but let’s count our blessings and really appreciate them.

Big K: You often celebrate the natural world on a digital platform. How do these two worlds coexist for you?

HGC: My life is split 3 ways – my family, my day job (recruitment) and HGC. Yes cooking is just a hobby for me, but it still eats up a lot of time, which is why I am so grateful for the people and businesses that support me. It makes it all worthwhile. Too many people focus on their numbers of followers, getting sucked into the social media vortex on screen. Sure content consumption is important, but it’s also important to look up from your phone regularly and see what is in front of you.


A crispy bacon butty full of ketchup lies on a wooden chopping board in a grassy field


Big K: How has technology helped your BBQ journey?

HGC: I had to learn everything from scratch when it came to social media, I didn’t know anything about Instagram or how to use it. I had to learn about YouTube and how that worked and along the way I made many mistakes. There are some tools that have helped steer me in the right direction but we are all constantly learning. A lot of people think I have fancy equipment too, I don’t.  It’s just me and an old iPhone X, everything is done from that. My goal is to upgrade everything so I can (hopefully) produce even better content.

Big K: What was the best piece of BBQ advice that you have ever received?

HGC: Fire is fire, it doesn’t matter if you light it on the ground or in a costly barbecue, learn to control it and you will master your food.

Big K: If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

HGC: Back to the time of dinosaurs and spit roast a T Rex!!!

Big K: What projects have you got coming next?

HGC: Hunter Gatherer Sleeping has just launched and it’s all about combing fire-cooked food with staycations and glamping. I have 2 more stays planned now – one in Wales and one in Jersey –  so look out for them.  The rest of 2021, I will be working on new recipes and building a new syllabus for my fire school.  I want to meet more food producers, more businesses and help promote them! Then, 2022 we go again!

Big K: Want to give anyone a shout out?

HGC: Huge thanks to every person you supports me, comments on posts, subscribes to the YouTube channel, talks to me at festivals and keeps me going with positivity. Another huge thanks to all the business that support me too. It’s because of you this channel exists. It’s not my story, it’s yours.