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Heat logs info to warm you up

A shot of red-hot glowing heat logs with an illustration of a fireplace and chimney overlaid on the image

October is here and the cold is coming!  In other words, the ever-nefarious Jack Frost is primed and ready to indulge in some serious nose nipping. So what’s your plan? If you’ve fashioned a death ray from a hair dryer and an old laser pointer then salute to you. But if you’re looking for something a little more convenient, you should consider giving heat logs a go.  

What are heat logs exactly?

This would be a good place to start. Basically, heat logs <Link> are just ‘manufactured’ logs produced from materials such as wood chips, sawdust and wax. If you’re picturing a manmade log, you’re in the right cerebral spot.

How do we make heat logs?

The laws of physics are beyond awesome – especially when we harness them to create wonderful things. To make heat logs, we whip up a super-finely grained mixture of biomass materials. Then we place the mixture in uniquely shaped moulds. Lastly, we compress the mixture at high pressures. The compression process removes pretty much all of the water from the biomass mixture, leaving behind logs with unbelievably low moisture levels. The lower the moisture, the hotter, cleaner and more efficient the burn.

a pile of burning heat logs surrounded by yellow and orange flames

Five benefits of heat logs

  1. Heat logs are just soooo clean. How? It’s all down to their sub 8% internal moisture levels. As we already mentioned, the lower the moisture, the cleaner the burn.  Heat logs emit less smoke than your regular seasoned firewood or classic kiln dried logs. And this means they are great for smaller homes and enclosed spaces.  A cleaner burn also produces lower carbon emissions, so heat logs are better for the environment too. Finally heat logs won’t gum up your chimney, fireplace or flue with soot or ash. And this lowers the chance of potential fires sparking into life.
  2.  Longer burns. Forget about regular firewood or wood pellets, Heat logs eclipse the competition when it comes to burn times. Once again we tip our hats to the wonders of compression. You see, compression produces extremely dense logs. All this means is that there is more combustible mass per log – and the more mass there is to burn, the longer the burn will be.
  3. Ultra-efficient. We waste so much in this world, so it’s always nice to maximise what we have. Heat logs deliver cost efficiency because they’re usually made from cheaper wood waste and other recycled materials. And as we said before, they also require less energy to burn, giving you increased heat efficiency as well.  
  4. Complete convenience. Talk about plug and play – heat logs are a breeze to get going. No kindling, no pontificating over your wood pile. Just light up and enjoy.
  5. Sustainability as standard.  Heat logs are derived from recycled materials, so they don’t contribute to deforestation or require additional resources in production. Also heat logs emit up to 80% less carbon emissions than conventional firewood.

A close up product shot of Big K heat logs on white background


Where can I buy heat logs?

Aha! So you’re keen for little heat log action? Before you go and Google ‘heat logs UK’ or ‘’Çheap Heat logs’ take a pill of the chillaic nature. You can buy super high-quality heat logs from us at Take a look at the product breakdown and see for yourself.

A product shot of a packet of Big K heat logs

Big K Compressed Heat Logs £8.49 

100% natural compressed heat logs

Made with no additives or binders

Contains only by-products of managed forests and recycled wood

Suitable for fireplaces and stoves, leaves little ash

Under 8% moisture level with no sparks or spitting

12 logs per pack

Big K heat logs get the job done, bringing you performance, efficiency, sustainability, economy and overall value. Each one of Big K’s 100% natural heat logs are manufactured from by-products of managed forests and recycled wood, so they’re a little kinder to Mother Nature.  You can pick yours up in nifty packs of 12-14 logs. Oh and if you’re looking to bulk up make a saving, grab one of our pallet deals and save up to 25%. 

Now things are heating up, how do you feel? Curious to give our heat logs a bash? We can’t recommend them enough. Ultimately if you’re deep into ease, value and performance then these are without question the heat logs for you.