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Have a Smokeless Coal Christmas

Smokeless coal burning red hot in a fireplace grill gate

There’s something special about coming in from the cold. After a long day, we open the door and return to our own little private sanctuaries. The familiarity. The comfort. The warmth. Our body responds instantly with that warm tingle: we’re home. If you’re looking to keep your castle extra toasty, then smokeless coal is a clean and efficient way to create your cosy haven.

Quick sidenote on coal

Not all coal is created equal. The carbon content holds the key. Basically the higher and denser the carbon levels, the better, cleaner and more efficient the coal. This is where smokeless coal excels. Just to be aware; there are four main types of coal. 





Let’s dive into the world of smokeless coal with this quick hit guide.

What is smokeless coal? How is it made?

Smokeless coal is different from regular coal thanks to its anthracite base. Not only does this base produce a more carbon rich coal, but it also means that smokeless coal contains fewer volatile components. Add both these

characteristics together and we have coal that burns while emitting a lower amount of smoke – we’re talking about 80% less than conventional coal.  

Is smokeless coal full of chemicals?

Due to its clean and clear burn, many people believe smokeless coal must be pumped full of all kinds of harmful chemicals. This is a total myth. Smokeless coal is a natural product – the main difference being it is produced from an alternative carbon manufactured from a different type of base carbon.

Unleash the power of anthracite

Smokeless coal burns hotter, cleaner and longer than traditional coal. Picture a 5-6 hour burn time and a super-high heat output. Smokeless coal is the improved evolution of the coal equation, so whether you live in a smoke control area or not, you simply must give it a go.

A close up smokeless coal burning in a fireplace

Smokeless coal and the environment

As already mentioned, smokeless coal contains less volatile components. And this means less toxic smoke – which equates to a cleaner burn. Plus, smokeless coal is more efficient as it delivers a higher heat output and epically long burn times. Ultimately, ultra-efficient lower your carbon footprint, as you’ll need less fuel to create an equivalent amount of heat as compared to regular coal.

Can you burn smokeless coal in a multi-fuel stove?

Smokeless coal is definitely versatile. You can burn this ingenious fuel in open fires, fireplaces and multi-fuel stoves. The mega heat and burn times make it an ideal fuel. Plus, this clever coal is kinder to your stove thanks to its purity. Conventional house coal usually deposits lots of soot residue and tar, which can damage stove glass, as well as your stove or flu. 

a bag of Big K smokeless coal

Order smokeless coal direct from Big K

We’re sure you’re itching to try some smokeless coal for yourself. Well, you’re in the right place. Big K smokeless coal is cleaner, purer and better performing than conventional coal. Plus its fully authorized for use in smoke control areas. We offer 10kg and 20kg bags, delivering a jaw-dropping 5-6 hour burn time.  Want to go big? We’ve got your back with some awesome pallet deals – so you save up to 25%.

How to light a smokeless coal fire? 

Don’t worry, lighting a smokeless coal fire isn’t some Herculean task. Essentially you’re looking to create a mini combustion chamber and then build your fire around that. The chamber helps create a contained oxygen rich environment to help the fire catch and take.  Check out these four easy steps.

Big K smokeless coal bag and kindling in a fireplace

3 steps to light a smokeless coal fire

Before you get started, make sure that your fireplace or stove is nice and clean. Remove any old ash or cinders. These pesky remnants can block air circulation leading to a weak and inefficient burn. 

Step 1

Grab two natural firelighters and place them against the back wall of your fireplace or appliance. Now position a few pieces of kindling  around the firelighters, creating a small circular chamber.

Step 2

Once you’ve got your kindling chamber sorted, light the firelighters lying at the centre of your circle. 

Step 3

When you see that the kindling is blazing away, start adding your smokeless coal pieces. Don’t go nuts. Add a few pieces at a time – nice n’ slow. Now sit back, relax and watch that mesmeric glow.

Side note

If you’re using a closed appliance – think multi-fuel stove – you need plenty of airflow. Make sure the door and air vents are fully open at first. Once your smokeless coal has taken, you can close your vents. For the control freaks; you can tweak the vent positioning to regulate the oxygen levels, ensuring total control over your burn rate.

Wishing you a smokeless festive season

Now you’re fully up to speed with all things smokeless coal, we’re sure you’re pumped to get some clean burning going. Buy direct from to ensure a cleaner, clearer and cosier Christmas.


Big K

Wishing you all a Happy Easter from Big K

In order to get your charcoal before the Easter Holidays, please order before Midnight Sunday 24th March for pallets and Midnight Monday 25th March for parcels.