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We are the kiln dry kings. This handy guide will show you why

A stack of kiln dry logs lie in a living room while a fire blazes in the background

Goldilocks was a temperature-obsessed porridge stealing enthusiast – not too hot, not too cold etc. and so on. However in the real world, the merits of the right amount of heat are not discussed so much. Actually scratch that: we’re not going to talk about the amount of heat today, but rather heat’s transformative power (can you see the kiln dry rhetoric coming?)

Wet clay is weak and malleable – add heat and we get a hard pot. A handy 1,500-Celsius can turn a solid hunk of steel into a molten soup. A fluctuation in our body temperature can be the difference between life and death. We’re sure that you are catching our drift with dexterity and diligence. However if hand eye co-ordination isn’t your strong suit, we’re delving into heat’s potency and transformative properties, relating to Kiln dry wood specifically. Let’s goo with the verbal flow.

Before we get into kiln dried logs and kiln dried wood, let’s set the scene.  We have been placing various concoctions into heated chambers for millennia to change chemical composition and birth something new- with laudable success for quite some time. The same basic methodology applies in the creation of kiln dried firewood. You see, the kiln dry process is all about the application of heat to wood to transform the wood’s burn characteristics. To keep things super simple at this stage: the drier the wood, the better the burn. Let’s dig deeper.


Some kiln dry wood lies stacked in a neat pile ready to be used in a fire


How does the kiln dry process work?

Keeping things real here: green wood is not going to be your friend when you want to start a fire. This wood has very high moisture content from 60% plus. We need to extract as much as much moisture as possible, if we are to get the best burn from every log. Enter the kiln drying method. Wood is placed in a special kiln where the environment and environmental temperature can be controlled. Then heat is circulated over the wood pieces, removing water and impurities thus lowering the internal moisture levels. Hardwood kiln drying schedules typically keep the dry bulb temperature below 80 °C. Difficult-to-dry species might not exceed 60 °C. The rule of thumb is, longer the drying time the lower the temperature. Faster the drying time, hotter the temperature. Just like any great product, kiln drying wood takes a certain level of knowledge and skill to perfect.


Advantages of Kiln Dried Wood.

If you are still reading this, we naturally assume that you could be keen on some high-quality wood for your fireplace, fire pit or stove.  Kiln dried wood definitely has its perks, so let us spell a few out for you.


1. Easy to Ignite

All facts and figures aside, at the end of the day, we want to spend less time lighting a fire and more time enjoying its glowing warmth. BIG K Kiln dried hardwood logs have guaranteed moisture levels under 20%. Simply get your kindling started and place your kiln dried logs directly above. Then just sit back and watch how quickly those babies catch!


2. Less Smoke, Cleaner Burn

Cleaning your wood burner, chiminea or wood stove is rarely enjoyable. Burning damp wood will only hasten the process of wood-tar creosote build-up. Be good to yourself (and the environment) and burn kiln dried wood instead. Each log produces much less smoke than seasoned logs.


3. Indoor Friendly

Our Kiln dried wood has no bark, meaning less debris and detritus on your lovely floors. Moving into a slightly darker realm, mold, fungus, and bugs need moisture to survive, and they can thrive in wood that isn’t properly seasoned or dried. Luckily our super dry kiln dried wood Kiln dried wood is pretty much a death sentence for these pesky pests. In other words, you won’t find any nasties living on your wood and ending up taking residence in your carpet. In summation you can store these kiln dry kings indoors without fear.


Some kiln dry wood burns with an orange flame in a fireplace


4. Easy to carry

Moving wood around can be tiresome. Be it within your own home or taking some to a different location. The good news is that drier wood is lighter wood, so kiln dried logs are easy to carry.  One of the signature dry wood tests is to hit two pieces of wood together and if it gives out a “clank” hollow sound, the wood is dry. These hollow sounding kiln dried logs are much easier to carry around than conventional logs of wood.


5. Higher heat

The calorific content of most seasoned logs falls anywhere between 2,300-3,500 kWh/tonne. Most kiln dried logs fall between 3,600-4,500 kWh/tonne – a significant increase of heat output at almost twice that of most seasoned logs.

If you’re looking to quench your insatiable thirst for wood knowledge, check out this blog on heat logs or this ultimate log guide


BIG K Kiln Dried Wood 

When it comes to kiln dry we have logs on lock. Our Kiln Dried hardwood logs are perfect. For use in your stove, chimineas, fire pits, pizza ovens, cookers and fireplaces. BIG K Kiln dried wood is sustainably sourced and is FSC certified (meaning it is made using responsibly managed and sustainably produced wood) and Woodsure accredited. Knowing where your wood comes from is important to us as we constantly strive to meet the highest environmental standards with our kiln dried wood. If you want fire wood that that lights faster, burns hotter, burns longer, releases less smoke and has a higher burn efficiency, then our Kiln Dried Hardwood should be right up your street.  We have a variety of Kiln Dried Hardwood logs to float your metaphorical boat. Check these out.


A product shot of Big K Kiln Dry Wood in a box.


Kiln Dry Wood in a Box 

Looking to maximise space, storage convenience and performance? If so then we can safely say that your search is over.  These kiln dried birch logs boast of a consistent moisture level of under 20%, as well being FSC® certified and Woodsure Ready to Burn accredited. The best thing? Forget the extra hassle of lumpy bags – this wood comes in a lovely box making storage and stacking a breeze. Talk about some Zen style Jenga happening! We thought outside of the box and decided to put wood into the box.

Want some savings to please your wallet? Check out our BIG K kiln dried wood in a box pallet deals. Order full, half, or quarter pallets and save when you buy in bulk. There is nothing more comforting than having a constant supply of high-grade fuel to keep you warm or entertain your friends and family around a bright, warm fire.


Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs 

Introducing a tried and true classic in the winter fuel game. These kiln dried hardwood logs have a mix of 100% British grown hardwoods. If you are a fire control freak like us, you will fall in love with the consistent burn and high temperatures. In time you will know exactly when to refuel your fire with a fresh log as consistency breeds familiarity and understanding of performance characteristics. We’re not just spinning sales yarns here people. Each log is 100% legit – meaning accredited by the FSC® & GiB, as well as being Woodsure ready to burn approved.  If you couldn’t already tell, we ensure the highest quality of wood that is sourced sustainably without causing lasting environmental harm. You could also purchase Kiln dried hardwood logs in bulk  or enjoy our pallet deals that will give you discounts up to 30%.


A bag of Big K Kiln dry kindling lies in a corner ready to be transported


Kiln Dried Kindling  

If you are looking for the perfect accompaniment for your kiln dried wood, look no further than the smaller pieces of wood that sit below them. That’s right, we have gone a step further to include our own range of kiln dried kindling. Lighting a fire will be quicker than ever with our Kiln dried kindling wood, simply use a match or utility lighter to light the kindling directly. All Big K Kiln dried kindling wood is made from 100% recycled waste wood. The act of reusing our limited natural resources is something we strive for every day.


Kiln Dried Natural Pizza Logs 

As we’re exploring the kiln dry world, we simply had to let you know about these lovely pizza logs too. Who said life has to be all about heating anyway? You know what it takes to make a great pizza? A HOT pizza oven. With less impurities than seasoned wood, BIG K’s natural pizza logs have all the right components to keep those pizzas popping out of the oven, at a blistering pace. Not to mention, the subtle smoky flavour of beech and ash wood that will add a whole other dimension of flavour to your pizzas.

If your Italian food obsession demands you maintaining a wood fired oven most of the time, we suggest you consider our Kiln dried pizza logs pallet deals. With approximately 8kg of kiln dried natural pizza logs packed in handy nets, we are quite certain you won’t be using these logs only to make pizza. The possibilities are endless with the versatility of kiln dried pizza logs.

If you are looking for Kiln dried firewood in London or across the UK; we’ve got your back. Big K does kiln dry all day every day peeps! So treat yourself this winter to some quality firewood from us this winter. We assure you that after you have tried our kiln dried wood products, you will be a proud member of the BIG K family too. Looks like it will be a long winter, so plan ahead, stock up and enjoy the warmth of a perfect fire.