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Handy info for heat log happiness

A picture of burning heat logs with an illustrated overlay of black and white graphics

Rolling into February, we’re still very much feeling the cold. Our natural response is to yearn for heat. Warmth is comfort. Cosiness is calming. Snuggly is a must. Heat logs are a fantastic way to keep your home feeling like a haven of high temperature. Convenience, sustainability and practicality; heat logs deliver from all angles. But how much do you really know about these extraordinary little logs? Join us as we give you the lowdown.

What are heat logs exactly?  

Here we are waxing lyrical about heat logs, while some of you might be scratching your head in confusion. Surely all logs are heat logs because they produce heat? Yes, you are right in a sense. However, when we talk about heat logs, we’re referring to a specific type of log. In a dazzling display of succinct summation, heat logs are manufactured biomass logs – roughly 6-8 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. 

 A picture of a pile of red-hot glowing heat logs in a fireplace

How are heat logs produced?

Ironically, these heaty helpers don’t grow on trees as it were. So where do they come from? Well, we make heat logs by taking raw biomass material fines and compressing the ‘mixture’ at ridiculously epic pressures of up to 1000kg/m3. It’s basic science; the compression removes the internal moisture from the fines, as well as binding them together into a solid form.  The higher the compression the better the heat log. Why? It has an increased log calorific value and stronger structural integrity.

What are heat logs made from?

We have already mentioned the term biomass, but please allow us to go a little deeper. Biomass material is basically organic material used for fuel. This could be anything from softwood and hardwood sawdust to straw, peat, paper or rice husk. To draw a line under things – heat logs are composed of compressed biomass material.

Why are heat logs so awesome? 

The compression process holds the key. Once compressed in a uniformly shaped mould, the sawdust or other biomass fines, form a strong long with a consistent density and shape. This gives you dependability, predictability of performance and consistency. Also each log should have an internal moisture level of somewhere between 10 to 8% which is crazily low.

Two heat logs against a white background with a red graphic triangle over the top.

Where can I buy heat logs in the UK?

No need to pack your map and compass and embark on a quest to find some mysterious alchemist – just jump online and hit up . When it comes to heat logs we have sustainable and high performing options to float any boat. Let’s examine some of the Big K options out there for you.

Big K Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs

Your fireplaces and stoves will fall in love with our Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs . Talk about a match made in blazing heaven. These nifty logs deliver scorching heat with little ash or smoke. And thanks to sub 8% moisture levels, these logs don’t spit or spark, making them the perfect option for home heating.

Looking for a greener choice? Your search is over. Big K compressed Heat Logs are 100% natural, produced from by-products of managed forests and recycled wood. You can pick up a handy 12 pack or a pallet if you’re looking to go large. Check the info below.

100% natural compressed heat logs

Made with no additives or binders

Contains only by-products of managed forests and recycled wood

Suitable for fireplaces and stoves, leaves little ash

Under 8% moisture level with no sparks or spitting

12 logs per pack

Big K Instant Light Logs

Searching for a heat log that makes starting any fire an absolute stroll in the proverbial park? Big K Instant Light logs are the heat logs for you. The genius lies in the name. Just light the wrapper, sit back and enjoy fire in an instant. No faffing. No kindling. No stacking. Just warmth with no effort. Soak up the details below.

Buy 9, get 1 free

Individually wrapped instant light fire log

Made from recycled saw dust and wax

Instant light with no firelighter or kindling required, just light the wrapper

Each log burns for approximately 2 hours

Authorised for use in smoke control areas

Ideal for stoves, open fires, fire pits and bonfires

We could go on and on about heat logs but we’re sure you get the gist by now. Versatile, practical and kinder to the environment – what’s not to love? Buy your heat logs direct from today.

Let’s goooooooo!