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We know fire logs inside out. With this guide you will too.

Two Big K fire logs lie one on top of the other on a shelf.

Since our emergence from the primeval soup of life, heat has been essential for our survival. The stakes are somewhat lower these days. In fact, it’s easy to take things for granted in the “Electricity Generation”. Our homes are adorned with central heating, fireplaces, stoves and so on.  Basically heat is no longer an issue. It wasn’t always like this. If we take a step back into the temporal vortex, we can see that toil and nature made up the heat equation. In other words we made our own fire logs from the natural forests and trees around us. In a nutshell, fire logs have been with us since we discovered, nurtured and revelled in the elemental powers of Fire.

Why are we so connected to the flame? The answer is multifaceted and complex. To simplify: fire has always been there – a necessary companion moving in sync with our evolution on the planet. We worshipped it. We needed it. We yearned for it. We depended on it. The whole fire making ritual also has significance. We love the smells, sights and sounds. The familiar smoky aroma triggers emotive responses within our brains. The infinite movement of dancing flame is irreplaceably hypnotic Essentially a fire exudes comfort.

As cities grow and we drift further away from our natural roots, our desire for fire remains. The good news is that it has never been easier to get logs for your fire. They come in all forms, from seasoned to kiln dried to compressed heat logs. The term ‘fire logs’ is applied to many of these types of log. However today we are focusing on one particular definition.


First a quick recap on moisture

Natural wood from trees contains immense amounts of moisture. And you don’t need to be Heisenberg to determine that this doesn’t bode well for fire making.  Dry wood equals better burn. So we need to get rid of as much internal moisture as possible to make the most efficient wood fuel. There are many ways to remove this moisture. We will explain one particular manufacturing process. Let’s do this peeps!


What are Fire Logs?

In this rhetorical journey you can think of fire logs as jazzed up firewood for your log fire. The ‘jazziness; comes from the production process itself. You see fire logs are made using a high-pressure compression process. Basically we place a 100% natural mix of sawdust, wax and wood waste into moulds. Then the mixture is compressed to create a log. The compression process eliminates pretty much all the moisture – leaving a super low 6-8% internal moisture level.  Each log has the same shape and density meaning a more consistent burn. This gives you greater control. And again, you don’t have to have a Nobel Prize to realize that super low moisture gives you a super clean, efficient and hotter burn too!

The sustainability implications are vast. To put it differently, fire logs are the conservationist’s dream as they are made from by-products of managed forests and recycled wood. These logs can also be considered to be carbon neutral fire logs – as during combustion the carbon released is equal to the carbon absorbed to produce the materials of the log itself.


Types of Fire Logs for Sale UK 

Fire logs are an efficient, sustainable and super high performing way to obtain the heat you crave. Consequently they are available all throughout the UK. However the quality is a little all over the shop. It’s a good thing you are reading the words of a quality-obsessed company. Big K will show you the way, whether you need fire pit wood logs or fire logs for your wood burner or fireplace. Check out all the info below for the ultimate fire logs experience. Your eyes will see the dancing flames. Your nose will smell the scent of burning wood. The heat will caress your skin and warm your spirits. Don’t forget to keep some marshmallows on the side to roast to complete the sensory experience.


A product shot of Big K compressed Fire logs against a white background.


Compressed Saw Dust Fire Logs

This man-made marvel ticks all the right boxes in our book. Made from 100% sawdust, these fiery fellows are manufactured from by-products of managed forests and recycled wood. Lighting is a breeze and high heat is a given thanks to the staggeringly low 8% internal moisture level. The densely packed sawdust will also burn longer and hotter cutting short your trips to the fireplace to reload it. To top things off, these fire logs produce 80% less smoke and ash than normal wood making clean up effortless. We would have to give the final tick to safety. Unlike real wood, these logs won’t spark or spit, making them the ideal choice for an indoor fireplace.

Have we tickled your fancy yet? We are convinced that once you go BIG K, there is no other way. Test the quality of our product for yourself. We will be waiting for you to come back for a second spin for sure. Check out our amazing discounted starter deal for Compressed sawdust heat logs as low as 6 for £2.99.

If you like to keep things by the dozen, we have the perfect package for you. Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs, Pack of 12 for £7.99.

If you are in for the long haul, don’t forget to check out our pallet deals. Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs Pallet Deals (individual price per bag £7.99):

Full pallet, 98 bags: Save 30% @ £5.59 per bag

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Treat your fireplace or stove to a little luxury this winter by ordering in bulk and saving up to 30%. There is a reason that these are the most popular fire logs in the BIG K catalogue. Try them out today!


How to make a good fire in a log burner?

With Big K compressed heat logs it is super simple. We will explain the top down method here.

  1. Place your logs on the floor of the wood stove fire box
  2. Add kindling

and newspaper on top.

  1. Light the newspaper and kindling
  2. The fire will spread through the kindling to the logs underneath.


One of Big K’s instant Fire logs has just been lit lying in a test chamber


Instant Light Fire Logs

How instant can instant really mean for an instant light fire log? Let us explain, instantly. These are individually wrapped fire logs, made from recycled sawdust and wax. You don’t even need to take the wrapper off! Simply light the wrapper and watch the instant fire log live up to its name. If you live in a smoke-controlled area, these are the fire logs you need to have, as they are authorised for use in smoke control areas. Use them in your stove, open fire, fire pit or bonfire as you can mix and match it with regular wood for best results.

Each Instant Light Fire Log is £3.00 and we will throw one in for free when you buy 10. So grab this opportunity to experience our instant light fire logs.


One of Big K’s instant Fire logs is burning in a test chamber with the wrapper fully burnt off.


Instant Light Crackle Log

Taking the instant light fire log one notch higher, we have broken the silence barrier with the sweet sounds of crackle and pop. With our Instant Light Crackle Log you can enjoy all the advantages of an instant light fire log plus the added sonics of a roaring fire. These man-made wonders are clean, individually wrapped and can be ignited in an instant with no kindling. If you missed the sensory experience of real wood, we highly suggest you try out these crackle logs.

Each Instant Light Fire Log is £3.49 and we will give you a free log when you buy ten – value alert.  So grab this opportunity to experience our instant light crackle fire logs.


How to Light a Fireplace?

Have you ever wondered how to light a log fire? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place! There are few things more pleasurable in life than sitting next to a warm fireplace in the winter. Like all good things, getting a warm and cosy fireplace going is no menial task. Follow our step-by-step guide to fast track your knowledge to make your dream fireplace a reality.

Firstly, inspect your chimney and get it cleaned. A clean chimney will avoid accidents such as chimney fires. Make sure you open the fireplace damper fully before incineration, as this will avoid any smoke escaping to your living spaces.  

  • Place two thin logs with no bark parallel to the back of the fireplace, about six inches apart from one another.
  • Add kindling along with a fire lighter or two between the two logs from the previous step.
  • Position two additional logs perpendicular to the first two. You should end up with a primitive log cabin-type structure that is two logs tall.
  • If you choose, add one more layer, with the logs running in the same direction as the first pair. The stack should take up no more than half the height of your fireplace.
  • Finally, light the firelighter and kindling in the fireplace and enjoy.

Once again we arrived at the end of the verbal road. We do hope the world of fire logs is now clear in your beautiful minds. Stay tuned for all kinds of new content dropping in 2022. We will see you sooner than you think!