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Everyone deserves restaurant charcoal

A picture of a restaurant charcoal blended with a restaurant interior

Life is all about levels. Conference, Premier League. Clarks, Nike. We could go on but you get the point. The cream always rises to the top. The natural hierarchy of things permeates the charcoal world too. And top of the mountain sits high-quality restaurant charcoal. This charcoal has to be consistent, reliable, super-hot and durable. How else are you going to run a successful service for hundreds of people every day? There are no second chances. There’s no room for failure. Charcoal choice will literally make or break any fire-cooking restaurant. So let’s dissect the apex predator atop the charcoal food chain.

What is restaurant charcoal?

Restaurant charcoal AKA restaurant grade charcoal is the highest performing charcoal of the best possible quality. We’re talking 100% natural lumpwood derived from the super-dense hardwoods. The size of each of the charcoal pieces is also important. This is where grading comes into play.

Grading is a robust and analytical process where we examine and sort pieces of charcoal by size and density. Restaurant grading involves keeping the medium-sized and larger-sized pieces of charcoal. The more material and the better the density, the longer and hotter the burn times. These qualities are key to handling long services of high volume output.

Can I use restaurant grade charcoal?

Of course you can! You deserve the finer things in life right? OK OK; for rhetorical purposes we took the restaurant way in. But honestly, anyone can use restaurant charcoal. It’s the safest bet, delivering the best results. So no – you don’t need to be a chef or seasoned grill vet to basque in some premium restaurant grade magnificence. Go pro and fill your boots – no matter your level.

A shot of BBQ meat cooked on restaurant charcoal with an illustrated flame overlay

How is restaurant grade charcoal made?

Restaurant grade charcoal is made following the same principles involved in lumpwood charcoal production. Basically we take wood and burn it in a series of temperatures to remove internal moisture and impurities. Once done we are left with a high carbon char – otherwise known as lumpwood charcoal. The difference between regular and restaurant grade charcoal is more down to the type of hardwood used and the grading of the pieces. Restaurant grade charcoal is derived from higher quality, denser hardwoods as these produce the most carbon rich char. And the average piece size of restaurant charcoal is larger than their traditional counterparts.

Where can I buy restaurant charcoal in the UK?

Aha! Now that’s an easy one. Just visit and check out the ‘Professional’ section on the ‘BBQing’ tab. We have a pleasurable plethora of perfect pro charcoal to take your grilling adventures to new horizons. Don’t worry though – we won’t leave you to meander through the charcoal meadow without a bit of a map. Check out some of the main restaurant charcoal players.

A product shot of Big K Dura restaurant charcoal over a shot of BBQ meat

Introducing Dura – the King of Duration

Big K Dura  is a Beast on the barbecue. High-performing, consistent and scorchingly hot; it’s no wonder Dura has captured the hearts and

minds of the nation. This quality restaurant charcoal’s popularity has grown exponentially. Why? Well it is made from a super dense White Quebracho hardwood – producing a high carbon density lumpwood that burns for three hours plus. oh and it’s 100% natural with no chemical additives. So you don’t need to worry about nasty flavours affecting your food. Check out the product profile below.

Big K Pro Dura 15 KG

100% natural White Quebracho restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal

Long lasting, with a cooking time of over 3 hours

Authorised for use in smoke control areas, burns with no smoke

Ready to cook within 30 minutes

Easy to light and burns to a white ash for a consistent high heat output

Suitable for all types of home and professional barbecuing

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Compressed to Impress. Meet Au Natural

Experience a briquette from the highest echelon of quality – Au Natural.  Why is it so special? Well it contains no artificial binders to keep the briquette together. And as we all know, this gives you a totally pure flavour profile to accentuate the flaavours of your BBQ food. The compression holds the key. Not only does it maintain the structural  integrity of the briquette. It also removes even more internal moisture from the fines. Usher in an age of cleaner, hotter and longer burns. 

Au Natural Restaurant Grade Charcoal Briquettes

100% natural compressed restaurant grade charcoal briquettes

Made from wood waste with no binders

Ready to cook within 45 minutes with over 3 hours cooking time

Authorised for use in smoke controlled areas

Central hole to aid air flow for even burning

Best used in combination with Big K’s Chilla-Grilla charcoal

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A top down shot of Big K Dura Restaurant charcoal

This is only a glimpse behind  the pro curtain. Go to and check out the full range of pro charcoal for your delectation.