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A top-down shot of Big K wood chunks with illustrated leaves laid on top

How much wood could a woodchunk chunk if a woodchunk could chunk wood? Ok don’t answer that. Rather than ramble in fields of cryptic wordplay, let’s talk wood chunks! If you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’re always looking for new ways to elevate the flavour of your BBQ food. Wood chunks are the ideal way to add a rich smoky depth and fruity essence to any dish. Let’s go!


What are wood chunks?

We’re not going to receive a Nobel prize for this piece of insight. Wood chunks, AKA smoking wood chunks, are large pieces of wood. Blog over. Only yanking your metaphorical chain, the world of wood chunks is a wonder to behold. Where were we? Oh yes, wood chunks are derived from hardwood trees and we burn them to infuse a variety of smoky flavours and aromas into our food. You can use them in grills, smokers, pizza ovens and even campfires. Wood chunks are considerably larger than wood chips.


How do wood chunks work?

Again, we’re not solving world poverty here guys. Wood contains natural flavour compounds that are released upon combustion. Basically, as the wood begins to burn and smoulder, it releases smoke that is absorbed by your food.


The best reasons to choose wood chunks

For those striving to explore new horizons of flavour, wood chunks are definitely the way to go. Whether you’re smoking or grilling, wood chunks will add layers of taste to dance on any palate.  

1.  Due to their increased size. wood chunks deliver a longer burn time than their chippy counterparts. All this means is that when you use wood chunks, you won’t need to keep topping up your pile in your smoker or grill. 


2. Wood chunks have more mass to burn, producing more smoke, which equals more flavour. 


3. As wood chunks burn for longer periods of time, you can keep your grill lid or smoker closed for an increased period of time. This, in turn, traps more smoke in your cooking chamber leading to a better smoke infusion process.  


4. There’s a greater chance of being able to reuse your wood chunks for a couple of cooks. Wood chips pretty much always burn to ash because of their smaller size. A portion of your wood chunks should still remain after your cook – especially in a smoker.  


5. Enjoy more flavour diversity. Hardwoods contain both heartwood and sapwood in different amounts. These are the two elements that deliver that smoky goodness. Both are present in wood chunks, bringing you maxed out flavour. 


How many wood chunks should I use?

While it can be tempting to chuck a small forest in the smoker or grill – relax yourself. Less is more when it comes to wood chunks. We’d say about 2-3 is chunks will get the job done. 


Do I need to soak my wood chunks? 

Time for some myth busting.  You don’t need to soak wood chunks in water. The prevalent thinking says that soaking the wood chunks creates more smoke in the burn. Not true. This ‘smoke’ is actually steam. Spoilers – wood is actually fairly water resistant, so when you soak your chunks, all you are really doing is cooling down the temperature at which they burn – reducing the heat of your fire. Of course it’s a free country, so soak away of you want. Some feel that soaking is a way of reducing the strength of the smokiness.


What are the right wood chunks for you?

We’re not wood fascists! It’s not about telling you which chunks to use specifically. Rather we’re here to give you a few pointers so you can make a better decision.

1. Stay away from wood chunks with a higher internal moisture level. Look for kiln dried wood chunks. The kiln drying process removes the majority of internal moisture, making the logs easier to light and delivering a cleaner burn.

2. Look for hardwood tree species when it comes to choosing your chunks. Think oak, hickory, cherry, pecan and white oak. Hardwoods deliver more flavour than softwoods.  

3. Each hardwood has its own personality and flavour profile. For example, pecan produces a rich, nutty flavour, where as cherry is sweet and smoky.


Where can I buy quality wood chunks?

Now we’re talking! No need to grab an axe and head for the forest. Visit, hit up our smoking section and discover a wide range of wood chunks to scratch your itch for flavour. 


Top quality. Top performance. 

All of our wood chunks are 100% natural with no chemicals or hidden nasties. So you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting all that authentic smoky and fruity amazingness with nothing else.  Peep some of the highlights.

A product shot of Big K grape wood chunks and chips

Grape Wood Chunk – tart and Fruity. Goes well with fish, poultry and pork Mixes well with hardwoods like Oak. <LINK>

Apple Wood Chunks – Subtle Sweet and Fruity. Goes well with cheese, poultry and seafood. Mixes well with hardwoods like Oak. <LINK>

Cherry Wood Chunks – Fruity and Sweet. Goes well with beef, poultry and pork. Mixes well with hardwoods like Oak

A product shot of Big K Citrus Wood Chunks and chips

Citrus Wood Chunks – Lemon and Orange woods. Goes well with cheese, poultry and seafood. Mixes well with hardwoods like Oak

A product shot of Big K Hickory Wood Chunks and chips

Hickory Wood Chunks – Strong smoke flavour. Goes well with salmon, beef and pork. Mixes well with fruit woods

Oak Wood Chunks – Classic smoke flavour. Goes well with most foods. Mixes well with fruit woods

Sweet Chestnut Wood Chunks – Perfect for Seafood, Lamb, Pork, Beef, Vegetables and Venison. Locally sourced in Dorset. Sustainably processed. Fully recyclable packaging.

A product shot of Big K Whiskey wood chunks and chips

Whiskey Wood Chunks  Distinct smoky taste. Goes well with most foods. Mixes well with fruit woods.

Well, that’s wood chunks covered. We’re sure you’re chomping at the bit to harness the power of all those smoky tastes and flavours. Grab a bag and fill your boots.