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Got grill skills? Enter the Big K BBQ Awards 2020

A picture of the Big K BBQ Award 2020


A fun and engaging way to celebrate all things BBQ, as well as the grill skills of our online community.

Skill level

We welcome everyone from the casual griller to the seasoned smoker. The competition is what you make it, so you can go easy or attack with all your ability. It’s up to you.

Award categories


We all know lighting charcoal can be an art form and a science if you want it to be. Best Burn is a showcase of this concept. We want to see anything that echoes this idea, from a perfectly arranged level of glowing charcoal, to embers in your firebox or sizzling steaks popping on some serious direct heat.


What makes you a Meat Master? Perhaps smoking a whole pig for hours upon end? Grilling multiple cuts simultaneously? Or creating a perfect sear pattern on a sirloin? If you’re mad on meat, show us in any way you want.


Ok this is a slightly more abstract category. How cool are you when it comes to grilling and BBQ? A true Chila-Grilla is mellow and laid back with a relaxed swagger. Show your skill and your inner chill however you see fit.


Shout out to all the herbivores. We wouldn’t forget you guys. Have an interesting and unique veggie recipe? Know how to turn your grill into a garden? Show and prove. Basically we want to throw the spotlight on healthy grilling in any way possible.


Calling all the strategists and planners out there. If you love getting your BBQ ducks in a row, let us know. Marinades ahead of time, a cut of rubbed meat sitting for hours, even finely chopped vegetables in bowls ready for the next day. However you prepare for your BBQ, the best prep will get respect.


Ah yes that Intsagram moment. Picture a perfectly plated dish. Presentation on point, colours popping and a lovely background. BBQ porn at its finest. Show your perfect plate.

How to enter

Take a pic or flick, make a gif or boomerang, create an album on FB. It’s totally up to you. Whatever you post, tag Big K and use the correct award hashtag. You can enter as many times as you want in as many categories as you want.


How we chose award winners per category?

This isn’t an exact science people, especially as taste isn’t coming into play as one of the criteria. Each post will be reviewed by a panel of judges. A discussion will be had, and a winner will be chosen per category.

We will be looking at style, originality, skill and charcoal expertise, the fun factor all kinds of things really. Basically for us, it’s a process of observation, internal communication and ultimate conclusion.


Who are the judges?

The judges will be people within the Big K organisation.

Duration of the award submission timeframe?

We will be running the awards through July and early August, allowing plenty of time for all kinds of people to enter.