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The best firelighter guide to rock your world of flame

A firelighter lies burning on a pile of kindling

One of our species’ most defining qualities is the mastery of fire. This set us apart from the rest, propelling our evolution in all facets of life. Form the technological to the industrial spheres; our flamey friend has taken us to new existential heights. Simultaneously to this, we became more and more proficient in creating fire. What once took dexterity, diligence and patience can now be done with a strike of a match or a click of a lighter. To summarise: we have both the firelighter and fire on total lock.

Yes people, the firelighter is another creation facilitating your blaze fest – whatever the purpose. Back in the ancient days of yonder, a firelighter was all about friction. More specifically, producing enough friction between two solid objects to create a spark. This spark would light a previously foraged pile of tinder, which in turn would be nurtured into a bigger flame to ignite the principal fuel source. Sounds beyond exhausting to us! Good thing we now have all the firelighter creature comforts at our fingertips.


What is a Firelighter?

Ok OK. This may be like stuffing some of the obvious down your oesophagus but you never know who is reading these verbal adventures. Let’s start from conceptual ground zero.  A firelighter is a small block of material that burns very easily and is used to help start wood or coal fires. These little cubes are combustible in an instant and high on safety as an alternative such as lighter fluid or gas is highly volatile and is prone to cause accidents. Natural firelighters get a big thumbs up from us at BIG K, as they provide a sustainable approach to the little materials that we use to start a fire. We use wood wool and renewable vegetable wax to provide you with an eco-friendly firelighter that is practical and sustainable.


Why Use a Firelighter?

To make your life easier: the end. OK let’s elaborate a touch. In the old days, lighting a fire was difficult and time-consuming. Firelighters make this whole process easier and manageable. Think of a firelighter as an easy to light, durable and consistent form of tinder. Most firelighters and eco firelighters will remain lit for up to 6-9 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to arrange your kindling and logs for the best possible burn.


An eco cube firelighter is placed in a pile with other eco cube firelighters


Advantages of Using Firelighters

  • You will save time, energy and perhaps keep a little more of your sanity. As we said before, building a fire (even with fire starters such as matches and lighters) isn’t always a stroll in the park. Why struggle when you can keep things nice and breezy at all times?
  • The mighty firelighter is portable and lightweight so it can be carried to any location in a sealed container. Unlike carrying around gas or lighter fluid which is a little trickier.
  • Natural firelighters release non-toxic, odourless smoke after igniting.
  • Eco firelighters made from sustainable materials, such as wood wool or wax, release minimum smoke and odour – so they are perfect to light up your BBQ, fireplace or stove.
  • Safety is paramount with any substance that is used for incineration. Firelighters are always a safe option to start a fire as it lights instantly and does not cause flare-ups, smoke or violent flames.


Is Starting A Fire with Lighter Fluid Bad For You? 

We would have to say that it isn’t ideal for a few reasons. The hydrocarbons included in lighter fluids do not break down easily, and that means you are ingesting them right along with your food or breathing in the fumes from your fireplace. Of course this isn’t lethal, however it isn’t great for your health over time. 


How to light a log burner without a Firelighter?

If the concept of firelighters isn’t quite your thing, we won’t leave you in the dark. Here’s a hack that will help you fire up your log burner.

  • You will need is a long candle at least an inch in diameter. Cut or break the candle into a few pieces without cutting through the wick. Create a few small candles by pulling the wax away from the wick.
  • Stack your kindling and wood, leaving spaces to leave the small candles inside. Place your candles in the gaps and light hem up.
  • Make sure the flames touch the kindling and wood.
  • If you have any newspaper lying around stuff it inside the stack of wood as well.
  • The wax of the candles will act as fuel to keep the flames going until you have a roaring fire in your log burner. Now sit back and enjoy.


How to Light Charcoal with Firelighters? 

It’s super easy to light charcoal with firelighters. Simply stack your charcoal in an organised pile, leaving gaps between the pieces where possible. Then slot the firelighters in some of these gaps and light them up.  The firelighters will ignite instantly and within a few minutes the charcoal will ignite too


How to light a fire without firelighters?

Perhaps you need to get a fire going quickly and you are out of firelighters, what will you do? Rather than cry in cupboard lamenting you situation, you can follow these simple steps to get a roar-fest burning in no time.

  • Take some old newspaper and scrunch it up into little balls
  • Arrange some kilnding in a pile leaving some gaps between the pieces
  • Place your newspaper balls into these gaps
  • Add your larger wood logs around your kindling
  • Light your scrunched up newspaper balls
  • Smile as you watch the flames spread and catch


Firelighters UK? Come to Big K.

If you are convinced that BIG firelighters are the missing piece of your fire-igniting puzzle, we have a bonanza of sparky fellows to get your fire flaming in no time.


A product shot of the big K eco firelighter packaging and firelighters


Eco Friendly FSC® Firelighter Cubes

We guarantee there is no better way to kick-start your barbecue or wood fire with these carbon neutral firelighters. They are made from renewable vegetable wax, so each one is kinder to the environment, emitting less smoke and impurities A Pack of 96 Eco friendly firelighter cubes sell for £3.49 – now that’s a bargain for the convenience of a lifetime. Simply use a match or utility lighter to light your eco-friendly firelighters.


A product shot of the woodies firelighter in its packaging


Woodies Natural Wood Wool Firelighters FSC®

Woodies natural firelighters are made from FSC® certified wood, so quality and sustainability are par for the course. These firelighters are a perfect way to ignite your stove, chimnea, BBQ, fireplace or fire pit – producing minimal smoke with low odour. The secret? Each Woody has been made with the perfect ratio of wood to wax, delivering a prolific burn time of up to 7 minutes. 


A product shot of the woodies in a box firelighter kit


A final thing: if you need more firelighter knowledge check out this verbal bad boy. School yourself with firelighters 101.

So what’s next? It’s defo time to channel your inner fire-starter and get a fire going. A roaring fore really is the perfect way to warm your heart and spirits this season. Check out Big K for all your winter fuel and BBQ essentials. Let’s go people!