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Tools of the trade! Your Big K BBQ Tools guide

A BBQ tools staple of a pair of tongs lies hanging on a fence in a garden

Existence 3.3 million years ago was tough to say the least. Ancient species such as Australopithecus afarensis faced the stark reality of survival. However, even back then sophistication was just around the corner. Time for some stone tools to make life easier! We’re talking sharp-edged flakes, hammers and anvils – all made from stone. The jump from the tools of our ancestors to BBQ tools may seem a little extreme. But the principals and philosophy behind the use of tools has remained unchanged for millions of years. Ease, convenience and less expended energy. Ready to get tooled up?


What BBQ tools do I need?

Before you go dropping load of wong on a new BBQ tool set or personalised bbq tools: we’ve got a quick point to make. The BBQ utensils don’t make the meal. The cook makes me the meal. Basically BBQ tools are great and everything, but they are no substitute for your passion, energy and motivation. You can whip up an amazing BBQ feast with no tools per se – perhaps a simple fork for turning your food and that’s it. Don’t look to tools to define your grill skills or your dishes. Think of them as implements to make grilling just that little bit easier. They are not the solution, but rather a weapon to help you achieve your BBQ goals. Ok philosophy out of the way. Let’s get into the basics!


Introducing your basic BBQ tools

Ok we are going super basic here people! You can do so much with so little – a god ethos for life FYI. So we’re keeping things super duper minimal.

  1. Tongs
  2. BBQ Fork
  3. Heat resistant gloves

Honestly that is the bare minimum required. It’s not rocket science when you really break things down. With any barbecue, we are dealing with heat, fire and hot food. Therefore common sense dictates that you need a few tools to ensure that you don’t burn yourself. So whether you are moving charcoal about, turning steaks or moving food from the grill to the plate, you’re keeping nice and protected. Look we never promised you the meaning of life here. Sometimes solutions aren’t so glamorous.


A BBQ tools shot of a metallic spatula being used to flip meat in barbecue with flames


Breaking down barbecue tools by category

We get it: not everyone is a minimalist. Some love getting all the gadgets and gizmos to enhance experience. Rather than just reel off a never-ending list of tools, we will group various BBQ tools in groups relating to different parts or elements of the BBQ process.


BBQ tools related to charcoal

These tools are basically here to keep you safe and help you get your charcoal blazing.


1) Heat resistant gloves

Charcoal is ridiculously hot. You will be getting hands on, so you need to protect your delicate digits and perfect palms.


2) Chimney starter

This is the go-to tool for getting your charcoal lit up and blazing in a safe manner. Essentially it is a metal chamber that provides a controlled environment to store and light up your charcoal. Once it has burned in the chimney started for about 15-20 minutes, you can pour it out onto your grill base and get cooking.


3) Charcoal rake

Even with heat resistant gloves, some peeps still yearn for that extra degree of separation. If you don’t fancy grasping a load of white hot charcoal and putting your gloves to the test, pick up a charcoal rake. It works how you would think. Basically you can move all your charcoal about with your rake – ideal if you are setting up a two zone direct and indirect heat charcoal arrangement. This is because you can rake all your charcoal to one side of the grill base with ease.


4) Natural firefighters

Is this a tool? Hmmm perhaps the lines of definition are starting to blur a touch. Semantic interpretation can throw a spanner in the works. Enough musing! We’re including natural firelighters as they help make lighting charcoal a breeze. Check out our natural firelighters. They are easy to use and quick to get going. The best part? They don’t contain any chemical nasties – keeping the taste of your food perfectly pure.


A BBQ Tools shot of a pair if tongs close up holding a steak on a grill


Best BBQ tools for grill maintenance

Your humble grill is always put through its paces. We’re talking heat, fat, grease, general cooking detritus, ash and more. Now these tools will help keep your grill on point, which means its performance will be on point. And ultimately this leads to delish all round.

  • Grill Brush.
  • Best grill scraper
  • Best grill cleaning brick

Not become imperious grill fascists here, but you should try and clean your barbecue or grill after every use. Of course do you by all means. This is just our suggestion. We’d say that Bristol brushes are the most effective cleaning tool. This is because the bristles are usually made of stainless steel, brass or nylon, so they can remove all those stubborn crusts and residue no issues. Here’s a blog on barbecue maintenance to help fill in the cerebral gaps. 


Quick BBQ Cleaning Tip

Remember this: every decision you make regarding your grill will affect the flavour of your food in one way or another. So please stay away from chemical cleaners of you can. Who wants to taste a mouthful of chemical compounds at the end of the day? Here’s a less harsh cleaning solution mix you can use to clean your grates.

  1. Fill a sink or bucket with warm water
  2. Add approximately 1/2 cup of baking soda.
  3. Mix up a paste of Dawn dish soap and baking soda.
  4. Apply the paste to the grates
  5. Let the grates soak for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Then scrub, wash, and rinse.


A BBQ tools shot of a metallic spatula being used to compress a burger in a lit grill.


Essential BBQ tools for food

Again there is a plethora of tools available here. We will try to cover the essentials at this stage.


A meat thermometer is a very useful piece of BBQ equipment

Most of the other BBQ tools related to food are luxuries and not really that necessary. However if there was one piece of kit we’d recommend it’s defo a meat thermometer. Why? Well it will ensure that your food is always safe to eat. You see cooking food to a safe temperature removes all harmful bacteria from your meat. This is which specially important when you’re cooking poultry; undercooked chicken can cause illnesses including Salmonella. There are many different kinds of meat thermometers out the re, from the more traditional to the digital and super high-tech. Get your google on and fill your boots. Want more BBQ info, take a look at these dos and don’ts.


Other BBQ tools related to food

  • Tongs
  • BBQ fork
  • Knives
  • Spatula
  • Meat Claws
  • Cooler f
  • Mini fridge
  • Skewers


Where to buy BBQ tools?

A quick search online will reveal bountiful options to explore. Of course you can check out too. We are more charcoal obsessed than anything else however we have some amazingly versatile BBQ Croc 3-in-1 tongs, practical grill trays and bamboo skewers to make your grill adventure a touch lighter.


That’s all for now Big K Fam! We wish you all a happy and peaceful day full of food and flame!


Fill your boots


  • BBQ Croc 3 in 1 Tongs



    • 3 in 1 BBQ tool: Grab, flips and cleans!
    • Extra Light (200g)  and Long Tongs, Spatula and Grill Scraper
    • 46 cm of length, ensures that your hands never get burned while grilling.
    • Rustproof.
    • Bottle opener and ergonomic handles for a more comfortable feel.
    • Perfect for everyday grilling, camping, tailgating, outdoor activities and as a gift idea.
    • Ideal for medium to extra large grill sizes.





    • Pack of 50 flat shaped 30cm bamboo skewers
    • Help turning and stop food spinning
    • Make it easier to master BBQ techniques
    • Suitable for cooking meat, fish or vegetables
    • Use in cooking or for skewers and kebabs
    • For best results soak in water for 30 minutes before use





    • 5 pack of foil grill trays
    • Slotted bottoms, allowing smoke from BBQ to penetrate food
    • Make it easy to cook BBQ food without burning
    • Help prevent flare ups
    • Keep your barbecue clean
    • Create more intense flavours