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BBQ ideas, recipes and revelations: from Big K to you

Greetings to all the BBQ grillers, thrillers and chillers out there. We have BBQ ideas on the brain 24/7. Seriously we never stop thinking about beautifully blazing barbecues of brilliance. Yes we are BBQ obsessed. But we are just as fixated on helping you. Deep in the heart of BIG K HQ, we spend countless hours figuring out how to inspire you with the best ideas for a perfect BBQ. Guides, hints and hacks, videos, recipes, deep dive blogs – we share it all with you. From the theoretical and occasionally beard-strokingly philosophical, to the more practical and hands on, we’re always connecting BBQ content with consciousness.

Overwhelmed when looking for ideas for the perfect BBQ? We’ve put them all in place.

Technology can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, thanks to the Internet and these rather wonderful rectangular inventions in our pockets, we’re only ever seconds away from all the information we could ever need on literally any topic. But therein lies the curse. The information vortex spews data far and wide. So many sites, so many choices. Useful videos here, boring ones there. Fact or fiction? Advertising or insight? The whole thing can liquefy the brain. The BBQ world is no different. But before you start picturing mopping up your melted mind from the floor, here’s the good news. We’ve put all the BBQ inspiration, ideas, recipes and creativity you’ll ever need all in one place –

Blazing BBQ ideas such as meat skewers cooking on the grill in this example are great for guests

Want top BBQ ideas you can trust? We’ve got you covered

Our website is truly the home of all things BBQ. But most importantly it contains quality information and insight that you can trust. This is because we have been in the charcoal and BBQ game for over 50 years, refining and perfecting both our product and operation. So we know a thing or two about BBQ. Basically we have a passion for what we do, and we’ve learnt a lot along the way. We want to share this well of wisdom with everyone, because every person deserves to experience all the good vibes and deliciousness of a lovely BBQ.

Let’s point you in the right direction with a quick BBQ ideas recap

The Nitty Gritty is calling so let’s pick up that phone and get acquainted. Here’s some basic BBQ information, ideas and pointers to get your juices flowing. All the dense details are available on our website so just follow the links. Without further ado, BBQ overview and ideas exploration anyone?

Tools of the trade

What weapons do you have in your BBQ arsenal? Remember even the best BBQ ideas will crumble into a dusty pile of failure if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Barbecues come in all shapes and sizes with different performance levels. Pick the right barbecue for you with a little help from us.

Sometimes the simplest bit of kit can make a big difference. In other words there are all kinds of practical tools out there to make BBQ life better and easier. From tongs and skewers to grills, woodchips and natural firelighters, we’ve got what you need. Make sure there are no gaps in your BBQ accessory collection now.



Meet the element that lies at the heart of every BBQ. Your charcoal determines everything from the taste and texture of your food, to your heat type and cooking temperatures. There are so many charcoals out there, each with different characteristics, purposes and personalities. If we were to trim off the metaphorical fat, it often comes down to a choice between lumpwood charcoal and briquettes. Here’s a blog to help you choose between the two or if you want more of a general charcoal overview take a look at our BBQ guide. For the fact finders and pub quiz pros, you can even travel through the history and evolution of charcoal if you want. We see ourselves as charcoal experts but we let our product do the talking, discover our range of professional charcoal here.

Mixed meat and veg cook on a hot grill. This combination is one of the best BBQ ideas out there

Lighting up

You’re the Firestarter, sensible Firestarter. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it?  If this reference is leaving you scratching your head, it doesn’t matter. Here’s the point – lighting your charcoal can be a little tricky, so you must know what you’re doing and you should always play it safe. We’re dealing with fire after all. So how do you light your charcoal? Did you know that different charcoal arrangements create different types of heat?  What’s a chimney starter? The answers to these questions and more are waiting for you in our in depth blog on how to light charcoal. As for safety we have you covered. Get safety certified and watch celebrity chef Theo Michaels’ video on his top 5 BBQ safety tips.

Planning and themes

The best ideas for the perfect BBQ come to fruition from some solid planning. We have mad love for all the freestylers out there – please continue to do your thing. However we’re all about taking your BBQ brilliance to another level and this involves a little thought, preparation and strategising. So you want to have a quiet cook out for your family, or perhaps you’re imagining a BBQ party for your nearest and dearest when the social distancing is over. How much meat do you need? How will your budget affect your food choices ? How many people will be there? Dive into the thought processes behind, and the strategic solutions to, these questions in our detailed blog on perfect BBQ menu planning.

Now that you’re a solid BBQ strategist, a theme for your event and food seems like a logical step. Why not add some Brazilian flair to proceedings? Ready for Rio? Our step by step guide for a memorable Brazilian BBQ  explains everything.  Alternatively, feast your eyes on our top tips for a lovely summer themed BBQ.

Don’t know where to find the best BBQ recipes? We have recipes galore

As you can tell by now we are BBQ freaks. But we’re not just about the tools and techniques. Our people are also food fanatics. We BBQ to eat at the end of the day. The world of BBQ ideas and food is ripe with sensation, aroma, taste and colour. We have found, and in many cases, created the best BBQ recipes. We’re talking about mouthwatering delights to make BBQ magic. Seafood recipes, veggie options, BBQ ribs and buried lamb for the carnivores and so much more. On a health kick? Take these top tips for healthier grilling and add them to your BBQ repertoire.

Some serious sauces

For some the spreading of seasoning and sauces is ceremonial. The moment when excitement, taste and flavour fuse in lashings of liquid wonder. There are so many options to choose from. Different horses for different sources we say. We’ll guide you through all the BBQ sauce and ideas you need, from rubs, marinades and how to make your own BBQ sauce, to the perfect moment to add the sauce to your meat.

Chicken pieces sizzle on skewers on a grill, this is one of the top BBQ ideas we know


Tips,hacks and hints

When we’re exploring top BBQ ideas going into the granular is great, but we know everyone’s brain works differently. Some people prefer some basic good old-fashioned hints and tips to make BBQ life slightly more breezy. If you’re seeking practical game changers then you’re definitely in the right place.  Feast your eyes on barbecue storage ideas and maintenance insights, summer BBQ cook out hints and of course advise on how to pick the right charcoal for your BBQ get together

Want advice on BBQ recipes, inspiration and more? Let your BBQ ideas flow

We have left a trail of BBQ idea breadcrumbs for all you Hansels and Gretels to follow, so good luck. If you need even more sparks to the imagination feel free to contact us on Instagram or Facebook if you have a specific question. Finally we love seeing what you guys are up to, so if you take any of these BBQ ideas, please tag us in your pics and vids on social. We’ll share your creations with the whole Big K family. Bye for now.