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The Advantages of Multi-Fuel and Wood-Burning Stoves

Are you thinking of buying either a multi-fuel or a woodburning stove, but aren’t sure which type is best for you? Winter fuel specialists Big K supply a wide selection of quality heating products, including seasoned hardwood logs, which are suitable for both woodburning and multi-fuel stoves. Here we look at the differences between the two types of stove, and the advantages both can bring to your property.

What’s the Difference?

Both types typically consist of a solid metal enclosed fire chamber, an adjustable air control and pipework connected to a chimney or flue to draw the smoke and gases away. A woodburning stove, sometimes known as a woodburner, is not suitable for coal and peat fuels, unlike their multi-fuel counterparts.

With woodburners, the logs usually burn on a bed of ash. Stoves with a grate and a removable ash pan, which helps with the burning of coal products, are usually considered to be multi-fuel.

Kind to your Wallet

Whatever type you opt for, recent rises in the cost of oil, electricity and gas mean they can save you even more money on your heating. In addition, the warmth created by a stove can spread to a wider area of your home than an open fire, as not much of the heat escapes straight up the chimney.

Great to Look At

Both types can form an excellent focal point for a kitchen or living room. This adds value to your home, should you ever wish to sell it. Both types of stove can provide the traditional, cosy feel of an open fire, and you won’t have to worry about any sparks escaping from the fireplace.

Good for the Environment

Woodburners are kind to the environment as they help reduce your household’s carbon footprint. Wood is regarded as a carbon neutral form of fuel; the carbon dioxide created when it is burned has been balanced out by the CO2 the tree has absorbed from the air during its growth.

At Big K we also supply smokeless coal in 10kg and 20kg packs. Because it does not create any smoke it is suitable for use in multi-fuel stoves, even in smoke control areas of the UK where there are restrictions on the types of fuel you are permitted to burn. It is a cleaner fuel than wood as it creates less ash.

Flexible for Fuel and Other Uses

With multi-fuel stoves, you have a wider choice of fuels to pick from. They can also double up as a boiler, heating up a tank of water for household use, and they can also be connected to your home’s central heating system.

Whatever type of stove you opt for, Big K can meet all your solid fuel needs. We stock both seasoned hardwood logs and premium kiln dry hardwood logs. These are ideal for both woodburning stoves and their multi-fuel counterparts because they have a low moisture content. We also supply Instant Lighting Firelogs and Cracklelogs, meaning you can warm up your room quickly

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