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A deep and detailed dive into the best Big K barbecue deals

A steak sizzles on a grill with illustrated benefits of Big K barbecue deals written in words around the meat

For the Egyptians living in the Southern Kush bartering was a way of life. These communities hugged the ancient trade routes, feasting on the flow of exotic items passing through the region. Back then there was no coinage, at least at first. So delights such as gold, papyrus sheets, grains, herbs and horses were traded for African animals, animal skins, minerals, spices and ivory. Perhaps there were ancient barbecue deals on the table too. We’ll get to those soon but we have a point to make first.

The bartering phenomenon seems pretty easy to understand.  Survival, especially at those times, centred on the culmination of advantageous and beneficial choices made by the individual. Thanks to this fact, coupled with our intelligence, wheeling and dealing was (and still is) hardwired into our very nature. But once you start analysing the bartering system in a little more detail, its complexities and issues come into view. For starters you need two engaged parties (no flying solo on those late night Amazon sprees), more specifically both parties need to want something the other one possesses, thirdly there is no common measure of value, so how do you calculate the corresponding worth between two items? For example how can you calculate a goat’s worth in turmeric? Perhaps the udder-based calcium secretion in millimetres per day relating to the macronutrient content per gram of turmeric might work? Is there a calculator for that?

With the emergence of coinage, large scale bartering was replaced with a standardised system of monetary exchange. Thank goodness. Especially when it comes to barbecue deals. Imagine heading to the market all optimistic about getting a good deal. Unfortunately you aren’t the best negotiator and after some initial back and forth, you crack under the pressure, swapping your spouse for some magic beans and a bag of briquettes. At  we have all kinds of barbecue deals for you, offering high quality and brilliant value for money – no bartering needed. Let’s check out a few shall we?’


Google searching ‘barbecue deals UK’ or ‘barbecue best deals’?  We’ve got pallet perfection for you.

If you’re searching for barbecue deals in the UK, it pays to buy in bulk. This is just basic capitalism as the unit cost comes down due to the increased quantity. The issue is that some people believe that a bulk purchase will result in mountains of product lying around for an eternity, with the majority of the stock becoming door stops, paper weights, make-shift shelves and all purpose surfaces. At Big K we’ve spent some time creating a series of flexible pallet deals for you across a range of quality products. In all of our best barbecue pallet deals you can choose between a full, half or quarter pallet depending on your needs. That way you will get what you need without having to worry about piles of superfluous product mocking you on a daily basis. Where to start? We literally have so many pallet deals on offer, it’s crazy.

A stack of our Au Natural Charcoal briquettes stands tall as one of our best barbecue deals.


Professional charcoal pallet barbecue deals

If you’re a seasoned bbq professional then our Professional Pallet barbecue deals are right up your proverbial street. If you’re looking for a cleaner burn from a more sustainable product then our Au Natural Lumpwood Briquette pallets starting from £265.07 could be just the thing.  Think 100% natural compressed restaurant quality briquettes made from wood waste no chemical binders. They are perfect for use in smoke control areas as well. If you’re more about bringing the heat then look no further than our potent Flama Restaurant Grade Charcoal starting form £309.26 for a quarter pallet. This 100% natural Kachi stick charcoal delivers consistent and dependable heat for up to 2 hours and lights within 25 minutes. Some just need a charcoal that has longevity. A fuel that constantly produces the goods over a longer period of time? We’ve got you. Look no further than our Dura Restaurant Grade Charcoal made from 100% natural White Quebracho boasting a three hour cook time. A quarter pallet of this hardworking character is just £234.48.


A picture of a great barbecue deal consisting of our Forno pizza oven logs pallet


More than pallet barbecue deals. We have Pizza Oven Logs and winter fuel pallet offers.

Over the last 50 years, we have learned a thing or two about fuel in both the barbecue world and beyond. Moving past the basic BBQ, if your passion is pizza then you’re reading the right blog. We have Forno Pizza Oven Logs at just 151.19 for a quarter Pallet. Enjoy natural compressed sawdust heat logs with no nasty chemical binders. Want to go classic? We’d recommend some Kiln Dried Natural Pizza Logs. You can pick up a quarter pallet for just £108.64  From the heat of your pizza oven to the colder days ahead, we’ve got winter warming wrapped up. Some Seasoned British Oak at just £115.52 for a quarter pallet <link > will keep your fireplace or heater radiating warmth and comfort. Don’t thank us. Thank a moisture content of below 20%!  Kiln Dried Hardwood log pallets , Compressed Saw Dust Heat Log pallets and even Seasoned Hardwood Logs FSC® Grown in UK  are all just a click away. Finally if coal is the goal then you need stock up on either our 10kg Smokeless Coal pallet deals or 20kg Smokeless Coal special offer pallets. Now that’s enough pallets to please your price palate in our book.

This picture of our enviro pack consisting of charcoal and more is a great example of a brilliant barbecue deal


We’ve got the best barbecue deals in the UK by the bundle

Ok so perhaps you don’t have a spare industrial sized warehouse just waiting to be filled. But that doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the best barbecue deals in the UK. Our charcoal bundle packs are a more compact option that still offers big value.  If you’re all about sustainability and the environment then our  £40.00 BBQ Enviro Pack  delivers quality, performance and peace of mind. Get your hands on 4 packs of 4kg Coconut Shell Briquettes, 2 packs of natural Woodies Natural Wood Wool Firelighters and bamboo skewers. That’s a lot of bang for your BBQ bundle buck.

Maybe you have more premium thoughts on the brain? We’ve got you. The BBQ Premium pack will scratch that itch of yours. It’s got 2 packs of 4kg Coconut Shell Briquettes and all the other goodies of the Environ pack plus 2 bags of Premium Grade Lumpwwod Charcoal – all for just £39. That’s a saving of almost £9. Happy grilling days!

Now we know every griller is different. We actually dropped a blog on BBQ personalities fairly recently which you can check out here. The point we’re making here is that some people have an eco mindset, others seek out the best of the best and some just want something quick and easy. If you fall into the latter category then we’d like to introduce you to our Quick and Easy Party Pack. For a jaw-droppingly low 39.95 you’ll get 5 of our FSC All in One Party Size Disposable Barbecues plus one absolutely free. They are easy to light, manage and dispose of after use, making every BBQ a calm breeze. This sounds awesome, but it could be that you love to leave the confines of the garden and eat some sizzling delights in the hearts of nature. If this sounds like you then you need to get to know all about our Quick and Easy Picnic Packs. In this amazing bundle you’ll get 9 FSC All in One Picnic Size Disposable Barbecues and one absolutely gratis. Music to your charcoal ears we bet!


How to deal with your barbecue after use?

So the laws of BBQ nature are such that once you have all this great value Big K product at your disposal, many a grilling will follow. This ultimately leads to many a dirty grill. So how do you give your grill some TLC to keep it spanking fresh and ready for anything? Read on dear friends.

Elementary info alert!  Cleaning your grill is a must. This is because grease, carbon and other potential unhealthy deposits can build up over time. Not only does this damage your grill, these impurities can be absorbed into your lovely food too. To cut a long story in half, you should really clean your grill after every use. It’s easy to do. Once you have finished cooking, and the grill is still slightly warm, take a grill brush and gives your grate a good rub down. As the deposits are very recent, they haven’t had a chance to fuse with your grill, clinging on with the strength of an overzealous barnacle. Basically everything should come off with relative ease. Then store your barbecue grill using the appropriate protection until you next feel the need for some flame.

May holiday deals on gas barbecues? Easter barbecue bargains? Christmas barbecue sale?

A final word here: value isn’t just some flash in the pan. Here today gone tomorrow. It’s about the consistent and continuous offering of quality and economy all year around. On our site you’ll find all kinds of offers 365 days a year, so when you’re in the mood for some savings, everything is there for you to stuff into your digital basket.

Now you know just how easy it is to shop and save with Big K, aren’t you happy that you’re not in ancient Egypt taking your donkey to market?

Take care you awesome people.