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A briquette breakdown with an Easter recipe

A picture of a leg of lamb dish cooked over briquettes

Despite the lingering nip in the air, we’re seeing the first signs of spring peeking through the gloom. Easter isn’t too far off, so to feed into the vibes of positivity and rejuvenation, we’ve got a superb leg of lamb recipe to share. This succulent delight cooked over Big K Compressed Briquettes is perfect for any Easter gathering with family and friends. We’ll also explain a little more about why our Compressed Briquettes are totally fabulous.


 A top down shot of big K briquettes in chimney starter with flames

What are compressed charcoal briquettes?

Before we get to the luscious lamb; let’s do a quick briquette breakdown. First up; what are briquettes?  Stripping the concept down to the bare bones, think of a briquette as a more manufactured type of charcoal. Basically we gather up all kinds of biomass and green waste material (including bagasse, rice husk, coconut shell, ground nut shells and agricultural waste) and compress these various raw materials in a special mould. The compression is the most important element in the briquette equation. This is because it removes the majority of the internal moisture and releases the natural resin from the fines. After the compression is done, the briquette is carbonised, delivering a super awesome  compressed charcoal briquette. If your brain is more wired towards the visual; imagine a ‘brick’ of charcoal and you’re not too far off.

Why are compressed charcoal briquettes so good?

Well, the miracle of compression eliminates the need for any binding agents. So you can enjoy a 100% natural briquette with no chemicals or odour. The flavour of your food will remain pure and untouched – infused with that lovely smokiness that you crave. We should also mention that compressed briquettes have a higher density than regular briquettes, so they burn for longer and deliver hotter temperatures. Finally, thanks to the moulds, every briquette possesses a central air hole, producing even heat distribution from each briquette. 


Big K compressed briquettes glow red hot in a grill base covered in white ash


Easter leg of Lamb cooked over Big K Compressed Charcoal Briquettes

It’s great when the stars align and certain things just come together. Take this blog; now you know about briquettes and Easter is on the horizon – it’s the perfect time to try this delicious Lamb recipe cooked over Big K Compressed Charcoal Briquettes. Feast your eyes on this.

Your Ingredients

One leg of lamb weighing about  2.5kg – 3 kg

1 bulb of garlic 

Some rosemary 

One tbsp olive oil

2-3 carrots – prepped and cut into fairly large chunks 

1 chopped onion

1 glass of rich red wine

300ml of any meat stock (beef, lamb, chicken) or vegetable stock

Generous pinches of Salt & Pepper

The prep

To begin, you’ll need to stud up  your lamb joint with the garlic and rosemary. This is easy enough. Simply make tiny slices all over the meat and stuff your rosemary and garlic cloves into the incisions. Now just rub your leg of lamb with lashings of olive oil and top it all off with some salt and pepper. 

The grill

Get your compressed briquettes lit in your preferred way. Then arrange the charcoal for indirect cooking (put the lit charcoal to one side of the grill base and leave the other half empty.) In terms of temperatures, you should be looking to hit the 180 °C – 200°C range.

Top tip

To get your compressed briquettes going a little faster, we’d suggest using some Big K Lumpwood to move things along. The additional heat and flames from the lumpwood will help the briquettes catch even quicker. 

Once your grill and charcoal are all set, it’s time to prep the drip pan. Place your carrot, onion and any leftover garlic and rosemary into the pan. Then pour in your wine and stock. Finally place your drip pan next  to your charcoal on the empty side of the grill base.

Now put your lamb joint on your grill gate directly above the lit the charcoal. Roast the lamb over direct heat for just under two hours until the centre of the leg reaches 60°C. Once your lamb is done, simply move the joint to the indirect heat zone and let it rest  for about 20 minutes or so. 

No rest for the wicked! So while the lamb is taking a breather, you can get your gravy going. This is nice and breezy. Pour all the lovely stock and juices from the drip pan through a sieve and into a saucepan. Gravy done!

The serve

Let your culinary creativity flow here guys! We’d suggest serving your leg of lamb with some classic roasted potatoes and other root vegetables. Oh and don’t forget some Yorkshire pudds!

If you do try this incredible recipe for your Easter gathering, take some pics and show us on socials. We love seeing how we help bring family and friends together for special moments.

Big K

Wishing you all a Happy Easter from Big K

In order to get your charcoal before the Easter Holidays, please order before Midnight Sunday 24th March for pallets and Midnight Monday 25th March for parcels.