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5 Reasons to Try Instant Light Fire Logs This Winter

instant light heat logs burning

Whatever your Yuletide plans, a roaring fire in the hearth is sure to add to the ambience. Whether you’re hosting a big party or just snuggling up with the family, a real wood fire is a perfect way to warm your home and create a gorgeously cosy atmosphere. At Big K, we’re all about helping you to make the perfect fire in your home. However you use winter fuel; in your wood burning stove or fireplace, or if you’re burning in a garden chiminea or fire pit, we’re here to guide you so you can make an informed decision on the best kind of wood to use in your home.

While most people have heard of kiln dried or seasoned logs, instant light fire logs are less well known. So, we’re here to set the record straight with 5 great reasons why instant light fire logs could be the perfect fuel for you this winter.

1. They’re easier to light

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s because you forgot to grab a little more kindling, the wood you’ve carefully chosen is a bit damp, or even just a lack of concentration, it’s no fun when you can’t get the fire started. If this has you a little frustrated, it’s worth giving instant light fire logs a try.

Instant light fire logs are easy to light as they come with their own lighting system: the wrapper. This specially designed wrapper makes lighting the log and getting your fire roaring simple and quick. All you need to do is place the log into your stove or fireplace and light the wrapper. You’ll never need to worry about getting your fire started again.

Plus, if you’re using instant light fire logs alongside other fuel for your fire, you can simply place the fire log on the fire and use it to help getting your other fuels started too.

2. Less mess, cleaner to handle

The other main advantage of instant light fire logs is that they’re ultra clean and easy to handle and store. As each log is individually wrapped, there’s no chance of bits of wood, sawdust or bark dropping off to make a mess in your wood store or as you take the wood to the fire. The convenient log shape is easy to place into a stove, chiminea or fireplace, and it is conveniently sized, so you won’t have to mess about stacking or working with differently sized and shaped pieces of wood.

As each log is uniform in shape, it’s easier to store instant light fire logs than other kinds of wood fuel. Simply stack the logs in a safe place and you’re done. No mess, no fuss. Don’t forget it’s important to make sure you’re storing your wood safely. Don’t keep it too close to your fire or anything else that’s flammable.

3. Try a crackle log for a roaring fire effect

We know there’s nothing better than the satisfying crackle of a roaring real wood fire. And so for many people, using real wood in their home is a must. But, with instant light fire logs you could get the perfect real wood crackle using Big K’s Instant Light Crackle Log. These logs are just like our traditional instant light fire logs with all the benefits of cleanliness and consistency, but we’ve carefully designed the manufacturing process of the log so that they burn with a satisfying crackle, sounding just like real wood. They are also authorised for use in smoke control areas meaning there are more possibilities to use our Instant Light Crackle Logs.

These Instant Light Crackle Logs are manufactured from waste saw dust and wax, just like our regular fire logs, so they’re similarly environmentally friendly. If you prefer the crackle of real wood but are looking for the convenience of instant light logs, the Crackle Logs are the perfect fuel for your home.

4. Mix and match to save on wood

One of the major benefits of instant light fire logs is their long burning time. With each log giving you roughly 2 hours of burn time, they’re an efficient way to keep your fire going. Plus, they’re suitable for wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, as well as fireplaces, chimineas and fire pits, so they can be used almost anywhere.

To get the best efficiency and control out of your fire, try using a couple of different fuel types. For example, you could start off your fire in the early evening with a little bit of kindling and some kiln dried hardwood logs. The result? A roaring, crackling fire that instantly creates a homely atmosphere. Then, once this has died down a bit and the evening wears on, just add an instant light fire log or two to ensure your fire burns all evening, keeping the warmth and ambience that only a natural wood fire can bring.

5. No need to keep topping up your fire

While some people are using instant light fire logs mixed with other fuels to gain more control and precision over the fire in their home, others are choosing fire logs for convenience.. As fire logs are so consistent and their burn times so predictable, it’s easy to plan how much fuel you need for your fire.

Each uniform fire log consistently gives around 2 hours of burn time, so you can decide how many logs to use based on how much time you want to keep your fire roaring. No more worrying about whether the wood you’re using is similar to your last batch, or trying to compare the sizes of logs to choose the precise one for your needs. It’s easy to predict and plan your fire with instant light logs. This means you’ll end up wasting less wood, too, so it’s better for the environment and your wallet.

So, there you have 5 reasons to try instant light fire logs this winter. Check out Big K’s range of Instant Light Fire Logs and Instant Light Crackle Logs today. Plus, take advantage of our great deal: buy a case of 10 of either of our fire logs and get an extra log completely free.