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4 Reasons to Choose Smokeless Fuel for Your Home

Both in London and across the country, many households are discovering the welcoming sight of a real fire. The option of smokeless fuel is proving increasingly popular, and not only if you live in a smokeless zone. Many households in other areas are also choosing this type of fuel, which was developed during the 1940s and 1950s to combat the increasing air pollution in towns and cities.

Fuel varieties available include natural anthracite, which is still mined in South Wales. Another option is a manufactured smokeless coal, which is produced by decreasing the volatile substance in it, and then blending it together with other forms of fuel. It is then ground together to form standard size briquettes.

Whichever type of fuel you need, Big K supplies a whole range of quality winter fuels, including smokeless, and offers free delivery service within the M25.

Cleaner and Greener

When cities were burning house coal in large quantities, this caused an increase in air pollution, so new legislation was brought in to create smokeless zones, in areas including Greater London. It has been proved that smokeless fuel emits up to 80% less smoke than house coal, so it is one of the only types of fuel permitted to be burnt in smokeless zones.

The latest developments in smokeless coal can also emit up to 40% less carbon dioxide – which is one of the greenhouse gases that is responsible for global warming – and these fuels are therefore, eco-friendlier. They are also cleaner than traditional coal, as they produce much less ash, so less time is needed to clean the hearth.

Health Benefits

Smokeless solid fuels have a number of health benefits. Their use has been shown in studies to alleviate health issues such as asthma, eczema, bronchitis, and also to reduce levels of hay fever among children. Choosing this type of fuel can make a big difference to those who suffer from these illnesses.


These fuels are not only suitable for open fires, where they look very attractive and homely, but also ideal for kitchen stoves and cookers, room heaters, boilers and burners. This makes them appealing for those with a variety of different heating equipment in the home.


Surveys have shown that smokeless solid fuel is one of the most cost-effective methods of heating a room. Far less is needed to heat your home than with standard coal, and the heat output is about 40% higher – making it ideal for cold winter nights.

Winter Fuels from Big K

Big K sells all types of smokeless fuel, including instant lighting coal, Anthracite coal and Home Fire. We also sell smokeless logs. However, if you want traditional winter fuel – why not try seasoned firewood, seasoned hardwood logs, kindling, firelighters and fire lighting auxiliaries? Delivery is free for those within the M25 and London area, with a minimum order value of £60 and lead time of 7 working days. Big K also offer free nationwide delivery with a minimum order value of £100 and a lead time of 5 working days for those outside the M25.

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