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Professional Products - LGPOAK

LGPOAK - Seasoned British Oak

Our LGPOAK Seasoned British Oak is extremely versatile, ideal for using in pizza ovens and wood burning stoves. They’re sustainably sourced from 100% British oak, and impart an aromatic smoky flavour when used in pizza ovens. When used for smoking, they create an intense smoky flavour that can really elevate the taste of your dishes.

  • Approx. 8kg seasoned British oak
  • 100% natural British oak, produced from UK grown timber
  • Sustainably and ethically sourced
  • Moisture content around 30%
  • Packed in handy nets
  • Extremely versatile fuel, ideal for firewood or cooking

Big K’s Seasoned British Oak is an extremely versatile hardwood fuel. Its high density makes it an ultra long lasting firewood, which combined with its high caloric value makes it a perfect fuel for your open fire or stove.

These logs are produced from 100% natural British oak, that we’ve sustainably and ethically sourced from UK grown timber, achieving a low moisture content around 30%.

In pizza ovens, these logs provide long lasting high heat which imparts an aromatic smoky flavour. If you’re smoking meats, fish, cheese or anything else you can think of, our oak wood will create an intense smoky flavour.


These logs are sustainability and ethically sourced from 100% British hardwood timber. Big K are committed to sustainable production, click here to find out more.

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