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Professional Charcoal - ACH15


ACH15 is our longest burning restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal, making it perfect for cooking during long service periods. ACH15 delivers over 3 hours of cooking time, and it burns to a white ash, producing a dependable, consistently high heat and burning to a white ash. ACH15 is our only restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal that’s authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas, as it burns with no smoke.

  • 100% natural White Quebracho restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal
  • Long lasting, with a cooking time of over 3 hours
  • Authorised for use in smoke control areas, burns with no smoke
  • Ready to cook within 30 minutes
  • Easy to light and burns to a white ash for a consistent high heat output
  • Suitable for all types of home and professional barbecuing

While some fade away, one keeps going. Introducing ACH15, the high quality charcoal with all the stamina.

ACH15 is our longest burning lumpwood charcoal, with a cooking time of over 3 hours. If you need to depend on consistent heat for a long cook, ACH15 is ideal for both home and restaurant barbecuers. Whether you’re roasting a whole chicken for a party at home or you need to make sure your restaurant grill is up to temperature for the full service, ACH15 is long-lasting and dependable, making it the perfect choice.

ACH15 is also our only restaurant grade charcoal authorised for use in smoke control areas. It’s made from 100% White Quebracho, which is a very high density wood that burns with no smoke. This allows ACH15 to create a consistent high heat output that’s perfect no matter what you’re cooking.

Dependable, consistent and definitely up to any challenge, ACH15 will last as long as you can cook. Try it today and make your BBQ epic.

Please note all cooking times are approximate and depend on a range of factors, including quantity of charcoal and type of barbecue used, lighting method and weather conditions.


Big K is committed to sourcing its wood in sustainable and ethical ways. We have a comprehensive system of quality checks with all our suppliers which ensure that all our wood is sourced and imported legally and safely. Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

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