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Winter Fuel – Hardwood and Softwood Logs, Smokeless Fuel, Solid Fuel

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Winter Fuel – Hardwood and Softwood Logs, Smokeless Fuel, Solid Fuel

Big K offer a range of winter fuel products for use with open fires, stoves and appliances including firewood (both hardwood and softwood), smokeless fuels, solid fuels, anthracite coal and instant lighting fuel. Read on for more information on the types of winter fuel available.

Winter Fuel – click here to browse our range of products.

Winter Fuel - Firewood

Firewood falls into two categories: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood logs are higher density, which means that they burn slower than softwood logs. This provides a more consistent heat. Softwoods burn faster and provide a more powerful heat output. Whilst they both generate the same calorific output, softwood logs are less efficient because you need twice as many to heat your home for the same length of time.

If you choose to heat your home with firewood, it is a good idea to have a selection of both hard and softwood logs. This is because although hardwoods burn better overall, some of the denser woods such as oak and elm can be very difficult to burn. It is therefore handy to burn these together with a softwood. Softwoods are easier to light and burn quickly which makes them ideal for getting a fire started.

Big K Winter Fuel – Hardwood Logs

Our hardwood winter fuel log nets contain a mix of UK sourced hardwoods cut from sustainable sources. The nets can include pieces of birch, beech, elm, ash, oak, cedar and lime wood, all of which have been cut to a handy size, making them easy to store and perfectly shaped to use in both modern and traditional open fireplaces. They are also ideal for use in wood burners and a range of other appliances.

Big K hardwood logs have been well seasoned and are guaranteed to contain less than 40% moisture which ensures they burn really well. To keep them in optimum condition for burning we recommend you store them in an open sided lean-to or covered area close to your home. Bring them inside a few days prior to use to enable them to dry out properly. This will ensure that they are as dry as possible and ready for burning.

Seasoned Hardwood Logs – click here to start shopping.

Big K Winter Fuel – Softwood Logs

Our softwood logs also come in 10kg net bags and contain a mixture of pine, fir and spruce. Big K softwood logs are not seasoned as long as our hardwood logs and are therefore not guaranteed to have a moisture content of less than 40%. Softwood logs can be burnt on a stove, open fireplace or wood burner and are cheaper per bag than the hardwood equivalents.

Softwood Logs – click here to start shoppinig

Winter Fuel – Smokeless fuel / Solid Fuel

The term "solid fuel" is defined as "various types of solid material that are used as fuel to produce energy and provide heating, usually released through combustion." Though the term is usually used in reference to coal, coke or anthracite, it can as easily be applied to wood and paper or indeed, any solid material that can be burned to provide heat.

The most popular of these are housecoal and wood but since the burning of these products is prohibited in many areas, due to The Clean Air Act, many home-owners have to find alternative winter fuel products for heating their homes. This is where smokeless fuel comes in.

Smokeless fuel is a solid fuel that produces no smoke when burned. It is therefore ideal for burning in smokeless zones where the reduction of pollution is a factor, such as London or Manchester.With smokeless fuel you can enjoy all of the pleasures of a real fire without impacting the environment.

There are many types of man-made smokeless fuels on the market today including; Briteflame, Coalite ovals, Coalite, Cosycoke, Cosycoke briquettes, Ecoal, Excel, Homefire, Homefire ovals, Multiheat, Newflame, Pureheat and Supertherm and there is even a naturally occurring smokeless coal known as Anthracite.

Smokeless fuels are handy for a wide range of open fires and appliances including room heaters, multipurpose stoves, cookers and free standing boilers. Many of these appliances are multi fuel, meaning that both wood and solid fuel can be used.

The benefits of smokeless fuel do not end there; in general these products give off up to a third more heat than normal house coal and last longer too, making a bag of smokeless coal much more economical and efficient than its natural counterpart.

Smokeless fuels are kinder to the environment than housecoal as they release fewer carbon emissions. They also leave behind very little residual or unburned fuel and are far cleaner than normal coals. This means there is less time and less hassle in cleaning the fireplace.

Our solid fuel products include Smokeless Coal Fire, Instant Lighting Coal Fire, Anthracite Coal and Homefire.

Winter fuel - Anthracite coal

Anthracite coal is a naturally produced smokeless fuel. Formed in much the same way as housecoal, Anthracite coal has been heated to extreme temperatures and undergone immense pressure, deep underground as a result, it burns at a higher temperature, emitting no smoke in the process. Anthracite coal is authorised to be used in smoke-control areas.

Anthracite Coal - click to buy

Winter fuel - Instant lighting fuel

Instant lighting firelogs are the ideal solution for generating quick heat in your home, giving your the ability to create an instant fire. Our firelogs are clean, quick, easy to use and extremely efficient. No fire lighters or kindling wood is required and they are very safe to use since no sparks are emitted. All you need to do is light the wrapper and let the firelog do the rest. Each firelog burns for approximately 2 to 3 hours – great for quickly warming up the house after being out at work all day.

Instant Lighting Firelog - click here to buy.