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Where to site your bbq

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Where to site your bbq

Safety, convenience and aesthetics are the three things to consider when looking siting your barbecue and they should be considered in that order.


Wherever you are barbecuing, at home or away on a camping trip, there are some simple tips to follow to ensure your safety, the safety of your family, guests, pets and property.

  1. Make sure your barbecue is sited on level, hard ground (preferably on a concrete base)
  2. Make sure your barbecue is sited away from fences, sheds and trees.
  3. Always keep a bucket of water or a connected hose nearby.
  4. Use just enough charcoal to cover the base of the barbecue.
  5. Never use petrol or paraffin on your barbeque.
  6. Ensure children and pets do not enter the cooking area.
  7. Never leave a barbecue unattended.
  8. Ensure the barbecue has cooled down before trying to move or clean it.
  9. Do not empty the ashes into a bin.

Safety tips for gas barbecues

  1. Always make sure your barbecue is in good working order
  2. Make sure the gas tap is in the off position before changing the cylinder.
  3. Always change a gas cylinder in an area of good ventilation.
  4. Do not over tighten the joints.
  5. Always shut off the gas supply from the cylinder before turning off the barbecue controls.
  6. Always read the manufacturers instructions.


When siting your barbecue, bear in mind its distance from the food preparation area. Shorten the travel time as much as possible to reduce the risks of slipping or spillage. Ensure that the route from the kitchen or prep area to the barbecue is obstacle free.


Often the first thing on peoples mind, this should really only be considered after the preceeding two points. Where you decide to put your barbecue will depend largely on access and patio space. However rest assured, our aesthetically pleasing barbecue designs will look great, whereever you put them.

The Law regarding the use of barbeques

Smoke from barbecues may be considered a statutory nuisance if they are very frequent and in an unsuitable location. An officer of the Environmental Health Department can investigate and send a warning letter or take formal action against the person responsible.

Occasional barbecues are unlikely to amount to a statutory nuisance unless unsuitable fuel causes excessive amounts to smoke.

Big K sell a wide range of barbecues including masonry barbecues, stone BBQs, gas barbecue grills and outdoor cooking equipment.

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