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Winter Fuel - Prepare your home for winter by reviewing your home's heating

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Winter Fuel - Prepare your home for winter by reviewing your home's heating

With autumn on its way, now is the ideal time to think about stocking up on winter fuel to keep your home cosy and warm. Autumn is the time when the evenings get darker earlier and the temperature drops, so we start to spend more time indoors. There is nothing better than relaxing in-front of a crackling fire on a cold winter night – so prepare now and buy your winter fuel so you are ready for the nights drawing in.

Prepare your home in advance of the cold weather by keeping a good supply of winter fuel, including seasoned firewood or smokeless fuel. Autumn is also the ideal time to maintain your wood or coal burning appliances and clean your chimney so you enjoy uninterrupted heat throughout the winter months.

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Stocking up on winter fuel supplies

Stock up on all you need for winter so you have all the fuel essentials ready for when the first cold spell hits. There are different types of winter fuel available, including various types of firewood and smokeless fuels. If you live in a smoke-free zone you will need to burn smokeless fuel due to the restrictions in place from the Clean Air Act.

For a quick and hassle-free fuel option it is also worth considering some of the speedy lighting products available such as heat logs. These provide instant heat to your home, which means after a long-hard day at work, you can warm your home up quickly, and then sit back and relax with a glass of wine in-front of a colourful log fire.


Seasoned hardwoodAmong the different types of firewood available are seasoned firewood, hardwood and softwood. Seasoning is the process of removing the high moisture content from freshly cut wood in order that it burns better. The time this process takes depends on the type of wood involved, as some wood has a higher moisture content than others. Seasoned hardwood burns slower and for a longer period of time than softwood, making it a more cost effective fuel to burn.

When stocking up on winter fuel, ensure your firewood is stored properly. Firewood should be stored under cover but open to allow for free air circulation. Then firewood can be brought into the house a few days before using it, so that it is as dry as possible before burning. As well as seasoned firewood, remember to buy fire lighters or kindling wood to get the fire started.

Solid Fuel

Smokeless FuelSolid fuel relates to the different types of solid material used as fuel to provide energy and heating, usually released through combustion. It can be burned in open fires, stoves, room heaters, multi-purpose stoves and free standing boilers. The benefit of heating with solid fuel, is that it can be used in a wide variety of open fires and appliances and does not produce smoke when burned. Although each has its own characteristics, they generally give off a third more heat than house coal and last longer too. This means that smokeless fuel offers the home-owner a more economical and efficient form of heating.

Instant lighting coal is a great solid fuel option as it offers a quick, clean and hassle free fire which does not require fire lighters to get started.

Anthracite coal is a natural smokeless fuel which is sometimes called hard coal and is an economical and environmentally friendly form of heating.

Fast Lighting Products – for creating fast fires!

Fast lighting products are ideal for creating quick fires, which are perfect if you have just come home from work and want instant heat. Instant lighting logs, for example, provide a hassle free fuel option as no firelighter or kindling is needed. Just light the wrapper for the log to burn and these are also suitable for smoke free areas.

Quick lighting coal is also available from a range of manufacturers. Here the coal briquettes are mixed with a lighting agent, to create an instant and easy home fire.

Maintaining your stove or chimney

Another aspect of preparing for winter is carrying out maintenance of your stove or chimney. To maintain your stove you will need to sweep the chimney flue. Sweep all the way to the top of the chimney and clean the off take pipe. You will also need to ensure the rope seals around the fire door are working correctly and if you do need to leave your stove unused for a long period of time, keep the firebox clean and leave the door slightly open. Having a steady flow of air will help keep the system maintained and prevent corrosion.

Clean your chimney by hiring a chimney sweep – you can find one online or in your local directory – or use a chimney cleaning log. A chimney cleaning log is an innovated product that can be used for wood burning appliances, gas starter fireplaces, wood/coal stoves, boilers, furnaces, woodstoves and fireplaces. Just burn one or two of the logs in your fireplace and the log will remove and neutralise deposits left in chimney flues by burning fuel.

A chimney cleaning log helps prevent chimney fires by removing the creosote build up. It is advisable to use it once every 60 fires or once or twice a season.

About Big K

Big K sell a range of Winter Fuel products including solid fuel, smokeless fuel, seasoned fuel, hard wood logs, soft wood, kindling and fast lighting products. We deliver our winter products free to customers within the M25 area (minimum order £60).