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Outdoor Living Products

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Outdoor Living Products – Barbecues, Accessories, Summer Fuels, Patio Heaters, Wood Burning Ovens

Outdoor Living Products

Welcome to the Big K Outdoor Living section. Explore our range of products here including barbecues, barbecue accessories, summer fuels, patio heaters and wood burning ovens. All outdoor living products can be delivered throughout the UK.

Outdoor living products – click on the links below to browse our barbecues, accessories, summer fuels, patio heaters and wood burning ovens.


Our range of barbecues includes masonry bbqs, stone bbqs, gas barbecue grills and outdoor cooking ranges. Whether you prefer cooking with charcoal or gas we have an excellent range of high quality products to suit any size of garden.

>> Barbecues

Barbecue Accessories - Click here to view our range.

Barbecue Accessories

We stock a wide variety of barbecue accessories and tools to assist with cooking and general maintenance. Browse this section for covers to protect your barbecue from the elements and grills, braziers, rotisserie spits and dripping pans for cooking meat, fish and vegetables. You will also find a stylish range of barbecue tools, skewers and grill brushes made from stainless steel and wood.

>> Barbecue Accessories

Summer Fuel - Click here to view our range.

Summer Fuels

You will find here a good selection of summer fuels including restaurant grade charcoal, lumpwood charcoal, instant lighting charcoal and disposable picnic barbecues delivered directly to your door. Make sure you’re well stocked up!

>> Summer Fuels

Patio Heaters - Click here to view our range.

Patio Heaters

Garden patio heaters are a great way to prolong a good evening and will help you stay outside for longer. At present we stock the Algarve patio heater – a wall-mounted product that uses Quartz technology for an economic and efficient form of outside heating.

>> Patio Heaters

Wood Burning Ovens

Our wood-burning ovens are versatile cookers for outdoor or inside use. They can be used to cook meats, fish, pizza, bread, roasts, casserole dishes and cakes. They give food a wonderful pizza restaurant flavour and also strongly reduce fat in the food due to the high calorific power generated.

>> Wood Burning Ovens