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Chimney Barbecues

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Chimney Barbecues

Big K sell a range of chimney barbecues (also known as masonry barbecues) made from stone or an attractive combination of brick and stone to suit all gardens and budgets.

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About chimney barbecues

Chimney barbecues tend to be erected as permanent garden fixtures. This is because they are built of solid stone or brick and so will be a lot heavier than the standard gas barbecue. It is still possible to move them if you need to though, as they can be taken apart quite easily and either moved to another part of the garden or stored for shipping to a new home.

The beauty of a chimney barbecue is that once in place, it will become a focal point of your garden and a feature around which your garden party guests will congregate. Chimney barbecues can be fuelled with charcoal or wood and both will cook food to perfection giving it that natural just barbecued flavour. These top of the range barbecues are ideal for gardens of any size and of course for patios and when you have finished cooking, you can use the barbecue as an open fire to keep your party warm well into the evening. Chimney barbecues are also easy to maintain. When you've finished using your chimney barbecue, all you need do is give it a quick clean down and there it will stay, until the next time you have guests round.

Big K chimney barbecues are made using re-constituted stone and heat retaining firebricks. Some feature an Easy-Fire aluminium alloy plate that makes for easy lighting and the sides are built with decorative facing brick for that authentic red-brown brick effect. This matches well with the design and build styles of the majority of British homes. Some models are available with a black, stainless steel chimney hood where others come with a chimney in white stone, reminiscent of the white stone architecture of many western European countries.

Our chimney barbecues are available in a range of different sizes for variable cooking heights. There is a spacious cooking area allowing food to be cooked at different temperatures and for the speed of the cooking to be moderated. All of these bbqs come equipped with a stainless steel or chromium plated grills and some have a charcoal brazier and built in storage cupboards or shelving. All of them however have a chimney which draws the smoke away from the chef and away from the cooking area.

Charcoal or wood fired, a chimney barbecue is ideal for cooking a range of foods with that delicious, flame-grilled flavour. You can cook meat and vegetables slowly so that their true flavour comes out. It may take longer than cooking with gas, but the rewards are that much greater, and at the end of the day, you are left with an attractive piece of garden furniture.

Why choose a chimney barbecue?

When firing up a barbecue, one of the major considerations is smoke. Where is it all going to go? Which way is the wind blowing? Are you going to get choked by the fumes? Are your clothes going to smell of smoke afterwards? All of these issues are resolved with a chimney barbecue. As the hot air rises, air is drawn in which pulls the smoke upwards and out of the way of the bbq chef and your party guests. Also if used as an outdoor heater, any smoke will be guided away up through the chimney, so there's no danger of your clothing smelling badly of bonfire smoke the following morning.

Chimney barbecues are built to last and designed to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions making them ideal for the English climate. They remain outside in all weathers and so need to be hard wearing and robust. We do however recommend that all our our BBQs are covered during the winter to protect from frost damage.

They are made using brick or stone so they are very heavy with some models weighing up to about a quarter of a tonne. This is a good thing as it helps them to remain firm and withstand the wind and rain. They can be taken apart piece by piece and moved quite easily if you want to change their positioning, but most are erected and left to stay in the one designated bbq party area.

Fuel for a chimney BBQ

Chimney bbqs can be fuelled using either charcoal or wood. Big K stock many different types of combustible materials, from charcoal to seasoned wood logs, fire logs and heat logs, all of which can be burned on a chimney barbeque and all without getting you or your guests covered in smoke.

Chimney barbecue accessories

With such a statement piece in the garden, it makes sense to accessorise it properly. Think about all the things you would need to really look the part. Apart from a chef's apron and hat, you'll need a decent pair of barbecue tongs, a spatula or two, a long handled barbecue fork and a basting brush. You'll need a vegetable basket and food preparation buckets, one for the raw meat and one for the cooked. You ought to have a separate container for your chicken too; after all, it's never a good idea to mix raw chicken with anything other than raw chicken. You might fancy the idea of a burger holder or a marvellous gadget that helps you turn up to 8 sausages in one go. You may want a set of skewers for those lovely juicy kebabs.

After the barbie, when all your friends have left sated and happy, you'll need to think about cleaning your barbecue down. To make life a lot easier you may wish to invest in some barbecue cleaning tools. There are lots of different styles of bbq cleaning brushes available but we would recommend long handled ones that you can use whilst your barbecue is still hot. The reason for this is simply that if you leave your barbecue to cool down or go cold, any dried on foodstuffs will be more difficult to remove.