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Best Logs for Woodburners - Why Invest in a Woodburning Stove?

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Best Logs for Woodburners and FAQ

Cosy warmth from a woodburner is a fast growing trend and its popularity has hit the headlines in recent years as rising numbers of householders are choosing to install one. Each year, at least 175,000 householders in the UK choose to buy a woodburner and according to the Daily Mail (2013), this is a five-fold increase from 2007. Those who have one – and have sourced the best logs for woodburners - have never looked back as it creates considerable savings over time.

Savings were also highlighted in the Daily Telegraph, where it was calculated that households who have gas and switch to woodburning heating make an average yearly saving of £100. The figure is more than six times as much if you have an electric heated home. It just goes to show that woodburners can have a positive effect on the family budget; however, when making your calculations don’t forget to factor in the initial cost of installation.

Seasoned Hardwood LogsWhether you already have a woodburner or are following in the footsteps of famous names, (such as property mogul and TV presenter Sarah Beeny) and are getting one installed, it is vital to use the right fuel. This article looks at the most common questions associated with woodburners, including 'Which are the best logs for woodburners?', and explains why the appliance is such a good buy.

What is a woodburner?

A woodburner, also known as a woodburning stove, is usually found in a sitting room or kitchen and is an enclosed metal fire chamber that burns wood related products, such as logs. It has an adaptable air control and is attached to a flue, or chimney, by ventilating pipes. Traditional woodburners cost around £2,000 - £3,000 and upwards to install, although you would expect to pay more for the more elaborate contemporary designs. Whichever design you opt for, a woodburner makes a stylish addition to a modern or traditional interior.

What is the history of the woodburner?

The woodburner has its roots in the 1500s when people started moving their fires against the wall and began using chimneys. This method of warming the home evolved over time, but one of the biggest breakthroughs was made in the 18th century by US President Benjamin Franklin. He developed a cast iron stove, later known as the ‘Franklin stove’, which was a more efficient method of burning wood and paved the way for the modern day appliance. Improvements to the design have been made over time but some of the original features remain intact.

How does it compare with a real fire?

A woodburner brings a number of benefits to the home when compared to an open fire. For a start, woodburning stoves are more efficient, as more heat is lost through the chimney with an open fire. Statistics show they burn at least half the amount of logs when compared to an open fire, so it cuts down on costs in the long run. The enclosed chamber also reduces the risk of sparks flying out and igniting the carpet or furniture. Stoves are cleaner too, and you will find a host of designs for all types of interiors.

What are the best logs for woodburners?

Just as the name implies, woodburners, unlike multi-fuel stoves can only burn wood. And, whereas softwood (wood from evergreen trees) burns quickly and produces a high heat, hardwood (such as oak) burns slower and at a more consistent temperature, so it is the preferred option for heating homes. However, as softwood is also used for kindling, a combination can be used.

It is vital that wood is seasoned before it is burned as this produces a cleaner and more efficient heat output. Wood that has 20 per cent of its original water content is ready to be burned. However, as not everyone has time to cut or season logs – or has the space to do so - Big K make it easier for you and sell a range of winter fuel at great prices, including seasoned logs for woodburners.

What fuel do Big K sell for woodburners?

Big K is a one stop shop for all your winter fuel requirements and we sell a wide range of products, including good value starter packs for woodburning stoves. This pack is a great timesaver as it has all you need for your woodburner and consists of: ten nets of Kiln Dry Logs, ten Instant Light Firelogs, five Instant Light Firestarters, two bags of kindling wood, two boxes of safety matches, one Chimney Cleaning Log, and a pack of 18 wrapped firelighters. All of these items can also be bought individually from our website – just follow the link below to browse our site.

If you are looking for logs for woodburners, in addition to the products listed above, we also sell easy lighting Big Flame Heat Logs, which come in packs of 16, and nets of FSC seasoned hardwood logs. All of these products can be delivered direct to your door thorough our nationwide home delivery service.

Best Logs for Woodburners - Big K sell a complete range of winter fuel for open fires, woodburning stoves, room heaters, stoves, free standing boilers and cookers.