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BBQ Charcoal - Choosing the Best Type of Fuel

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BBQ Charcoal - Choosing the Best Type of Fuel

Choosing Your BBQ Charcoal

There are many different types of BBQ charcoal to choose from, each with different lighting and cooking qualities. Here we will consider the possible factors that might affect your choice.

BBQ Charcoal - Big KBarbecues are the perfect opportunity to invite family and friends round for a get-together, turning a meal into a celebration with a party atmosphere. Big K not only sells a wide range of BBQs, but also provides different types of BBQ fuels, one of which is bound to fit the bill perfectly for you.

BBQ Charcoal – click here to browse our product range.

Are you catering for large numbers of people?

Very large or commercial BBQs require bigger pieces of charcoal, and if you are serving a lot of people you will also be looking for a longer-burning product. A popular choice for restaurateurs and others buying BBQ fuels for commercial events is our Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal, which is the longest-burning charcoal of this type that we offer. It is also the one which burns the hottest.

Does being environmentally friendly matter to you?

If so, choose a charcoal that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning it has been responsibly sourced, protecting precious woodland. Big K cares about the planet and has joined forces with a firm in South Africa to make FSC products which include disposable barbecues, charcoal and briquettes. Our Instant Lighting Charcoal is made of FSC certified lumpwood BBQ charcoal. Another green product in our range is our Eco-Friendly Firelighters, which are made from renewable resources and are a great choice for open fires and campfires as well as barbecues.

Do you need to get the BBQ lit and cooking quickly?

Are you someone who struggles with getting a BBQ fire going, or do you have impatient children who just can't wait for the cooking to start? Or do you just want to be more spontaneous? If any of these apply, then it is likely you will want to choose Instant Lighting Charcoal, which contains a lighting aid, so that there is no need to spend time fiddling with firelighters. This type of charcoal has become increasingly popular because it makes the job of preparing a BBQ so much easier. All you have to do is to light the inner bag, stand well back and the charcoal will be ready to use after just quarter of an hour.

Do you need a really high heat?

BBQ Lumpwood CharcoalIf you are planning to grill steaks on your barbecue, then it is best to get the charcoal really hot so that you can cook the meat fast to keep it tender. Having the charcoal at a high temperature means you will be able to cook the steak more quickly and keep it tender inside, without it becoming tough and drying out. High temperatures are another reason to consider our Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal. Another alternative is our Top Quality Restaurant Grade Charcoal, which reaches the same temperature but takes slightly longer to light.

Do you want to minimise spitting, sparking and smoke?

Some types of BBQ charcoal do a great job once they have heated up, but you have to put up with a lot of smoke first. If you would like to cut this out as much as possible, you might be interested in trying our Restaurant Grade Lumpwood Charcoal, which is made from a lighter type of hardwood and doesn't do much spitting or sparking. Our Top Quality Restaurant Grade Charcoal also rarely sparks.

Do you need a good value charcoal that still does the job?

If you are seeking a barbecue bargain, then you may prefer to go for a lower-priced charcoal. However, you will still want a quality product which will give good results and cook well. Our Real Lumpwood Barbecue Charcoal is the answer, as it is priced lower than our other BBQ fuels but will still give you good performance.

Don't have a barbecue?

Buying a barbecue grill will give you scope for outdoor entertaining and means you can invite family and friends round to enjoy delicious grilled food in the garden whenever you want. We sell Stone BBQs, Kamado Joe and Brick Stone BBQs, Outdoor Kitchen, Metal and Masonry BBQs, as well as a full range of barbecue accessories and tools to UK customers. To carry on enjoying barbecue meals when the weather is cooler, you may also want to buy one of our garden patio heaters. Alternatively, we can also provide disposable barbecues for the one-off occasion. Big K sells a Disposable Picnic BBQ, and a party-sized version, which are both filled with FSC certified lumpwood BBQ charcoal and can be lit with a single match, becoming ready to cook within 20 minutes.

Big K BBQ Charcoal - click here to see our range.